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uh-oh, it's that Canadian again....

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Greets.... this shall be post #2, as I only noticed that there was an Introductions forum this evening...

I'm Jim May, an Objectivist since 1987, and once fairly active on alt.philosophy.objectivism and then later humanities.philosophy.objectivism, from 1994-96. (Speaking of which, I'd like to know if anyone knows where Jason Kuznicki is these days.)

Hailing originally from Canada, I've spent the last six-plus years in the United States, living in Las Vegas, Portland OR, Minneapolis and now Los Angeles. I'm a 3d artist, now working in commercials.

I was introduced to Objectivism via a box of AR's books sent to me by my Objectivist cousin in the summer of 1987. The thing that I remember the most about that, was that I made a point of noting disagreements and objections along the way, and then going back and crossing them out if AR answered it later. I ended up with a few pages of such notes, and then realized that one book was missing from the collection -- The Virtue of Selfishness. I tracked down a copy at the local library, and was surprised at how perfect the fit was between that book and my remaining unanswered questions. More than once I had the impression that the book was specifically written to answer my questions, even though VoS is about as old as I am.

After 17 years, I think I'm pretty good at it now. :lol:

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Hi Jim. After several people whom I respected recommended that I read Ayn Rand, and after I had a long argument with the professor in a constitutional law class and someone came up to me afterwards and said "you must have read Ayn Rand", I bought and read Atlas Shrugged. This was 1986. I read all of her other books within the year (except I could not finish WTL).

It's been fun ever since! :)

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