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Tax Looters

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Just thought I'd pass on a funny thing that happened to me.

You see, this year I owed in state taxes because my job didn't take out enough in state taxes. I filed electronically but made a mistake and realized it so I immediately filed an ammended return so I wouldn't have to pay a penalty.

Well, today the state sent me a check for $160, the entire amount I paid in last year! Seems they don't check over their returns well.

The case could be made that they don't want to check over such a small amount very carefully but, as we all know, a well run capatalist business would check every amount, no matter how big or small. Shows you the difference between a government run organization like the IRS and a business.

As tempting as it is to cash the check and as morally justified as I would be to cash it, I'm not going to since I filed the ammended return. After all, there's no sense in having them come back after me to force me to repay them.

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