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What is a statute?

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Um, a three-dimensional artistic representation? I don't think there's a law defining what a statue is.

Wait, wait, did you mean a statute? According to dictionary.com, a statute is:

1. A law enacted by a legislature.

2. A decree or edict, as of a ruler.

3. An established law or rule, as of a corporation.

Seems pretty comprehensive to me.

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I didn't make it up, it was in the dictionary, but I agree that I've never heard it used in terms of a corporation before. That, and the wording is a little vague: is the law or rule established by the corporation, or for the corporation?

A third definition is usually pretty uncommon usage, though, especially since statute isn't that common a term unless you mess with legal stuff.

Merriam-Webster has it too:

Main Entry: stat·ute

Pronunciation: 'sta-(")chüt, -ch&t

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French estatut, from Late Latin statutum law, regulation, from Latin, neuter of statutus, past participle of statuere to set up, station, from status position, state

1 : a law enacted by the legislative branch of a government

2 : an act of a corporation or of its founder intended as a permanent rule

3 : an international instrument setting up an agency and regulating its scope or authority

synonym see LAW

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What is a statue?
Ahh. . .so that's why, that extra "t" can mean a whole lot. I kept wondering, "Why would they have so many laws involving action where action is not possible!?" :P Edited by Nxixcxk
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