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Why are men's clothing so boring?

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Ifat Glassman

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On 9/19/2018 at 3:25 PM, Nicky said:

Meanwhile, I groom and dress to standards I'm expected to groom and dress to, and it takes maybe 5 hours/month. And it's basic stuff you can learn from a youtube video, like how to dye your hair (I'm prematurely graying), cut your beard, or shave your privates without slicing anything you (might) need off.

You probably exaggerate what the average woman does, and you probably underexaggerate how long it takes you to shave and take care of your skin after shaving, and anything else to look good. A good and proper shave takes 15 minutes, sometimes even 30 minutes depending on what you're going for. And you mentioned a lot more than just shaving your face... 

And even then, it really doesn't take that long to do more. Maybe if the makeup was extravagant, but most makeup would only take about five minutes to put on at most? It wouldn't even be that weird for a guy to put on concealer. And if you skip makeup, it really doesn't take long at all. 

Clearly proper clothing choices and jewelry choices takes time. But this only takes women longer because there are more choices. Male clothing is so limited that it is rather boring and unexpressive. 

The only difference between genders (in America) is for whatever reason, guys on average don't care. They don't care about looking like slobs. They don't learn how to shave properly. If you only take 5 hours per month to meet grooming standards of men today, you're doing something wrong. 

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This isn't finding out what you believe from a stranger, it's what you said yourself. "While females learn how to dress and make up, which is not a particularly useful skill in the workplace, males practice leadership and team work through sports, learn musical instruments, work on buying and maintaining their first car, learn how to use and program computers, etc., etc., " I wasn't speculating.

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18 hours ago, bluecherry said:

A very good question. You seemed to believe I was making stuff up though rather than looking right back at your post. Maybe the fact that I was not making stuff up means it could actually merit an attempt at addressing the contents perhaps, hmm?

Can't address the contents, because I stopped reading. That's a personal policy of mine: as soon as someone starts re-stating what I said, I'm out...because people who honestly attempt to understand you would never do that. And you can't have a meaningful conversation without understanding the other person.

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Nobody being honest ever restates things? I restate things often because either 1) I'm showing exactly what it is I'm responding to in particular 2) I may be rewording things in an attempt specifically to make sure that it is clear what is being said, either that I have gotten what somebody meant correctly or that somebody else sees what is entailed by what they said exactly as they said it and then they can either embrace and defend this entailed stuff or reword and clarify what they actually meant if this entailed stuff is a result of not wording things well.

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