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A First History for Adults, Session 4 begins Wednesday!

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Hello all:

I'm thrilled to announce that the fourth class of "A First History for Adults," a.k.a. Session 4, begins this Wednesday night (July 19).

This course, recommended in the Objective Standard and Noodlefood, is the history of Western civilization as it could and ought to be, designed for adult students of Objectivism based on my years of study and teaching at VanDamme Academy.

And there's still time to sign up for Session 4!

Learn more about the full Powell History curriculum at www.powellhistory.com.

Don't torture yourself by buying dozens of old books and trying to piece together the story of man's past on your own! Don't waste your time reading "disinterested," disintegrated modern monographs. Learn about history as an exciting, causally integrated narrative!



[email protected]

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