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Ifat Glassman

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Been such a long time since I've posted here. Stumbled upon a post from this forum tonight and decided to check my old thread. 

I've recently finished a few paintings. I'll post a couple that do not have nudity and one detail shot from the painting with the nude so that the picture doesn't catch anyone at work off guard. 

I'd appreciate it if anyone is interested and wants to follow me if you visit either my blog &subscribe or my Facebook page and 'Like' it. I post a lot of sketches, pictures of work in progress and various thoughts about art philosophy on both. I also write about art philosophy a lot on my blog and my page and I enjoy feedback. 

So here are the links: www.facebook.com/ifat.glassman and www.ifatart.com or www.ifatart.com/blo

Here are some Latest artworks. 







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Hello Objectivism Online. Long time no see. And when I say "long time" I mean something like 7 years. 

I'm an Israeli. As I'm sure you all know, Israel is at war now, after a horrific massacre where 1400 people were murdered in their home or at a party, and 240 more were kidnapped. Israel needs all the support it can get, as it is facing a huge wave of anti-Israeli activism. 


I want to invite you to follow a project I've started, that could help you get a deeper grasp of the occurrences of October 7th, and get to know a little better some of those who were kidnapped. Starting 15 days ago, I've been drawing one of the kidnapped people; men, women and children of all ages, while including a few words about who they are, and the circumstances of their kidnapping, in each post. 

I'm sharing some of the portraits here, and would welcome anyone who'd like to follow the project on Facebook

Stay safe. 

Photo 11-11-2023, 23 45 20.jpg

Photo 15-11-2023, 14 05 21.jpg

Photo 15-11-2023, 23 00 03.jpg

Photo 16-11-2023, 16 47 45.jpg

Photo 17-11-2023, 23 16 10.jpg

Photo 20-11-2023, 23 26 58.jpg

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On 1/25/2016 at 2:51 AM, gio said:

I am art teacher. You are good. A bit academic and static for my personal taste, but still good.
I see you are from Israel. I studied one year in Bezalel, as exchange student. Do you know the school ?

Hey, seeing your profile picture, I wanted to offer to help you out with the facial structure difficulties you're encountering there. Not just for your sake, but for the sake of your students as well. All my stiff academic background comes in real handy when it comes to not placing the eye so close to the bridge of the nose, and as an art teacher myself, I spot these common errors very quickly. 

If you're interested, DM me, and we can schedule a 20 minute zoom lesson specific to nose/eye placement. Alternatively, I can recommend reading Andrew Loomis's book on drawing heads, or at least looking up a basic YouTube tutorial on head construction. 

All the best in your art career. 

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