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R.Tracinski on FoxNews

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Has anyone seen dr. Tracinski's interview on FoxNews, about Martha Steward.

I barely missed it, and I can't find a transcript anywhere.

How was it? Any interesting referenced to Objectivism, or ARI?

Was there anything different from his "tall poppies" article on ARI's MediaLink?

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It was short and at the end of the show, however Tracinski made very good arguments. There was very little reference to Objectivism or ARi, but he did utilize much of his tall poppies article from ARI's MediaLink.

The commentator, filling in for Bill O'Reilly, said the worst possible thing to end the segment however. He said something along the lines of well I guess in order to stop hating the good for being the good we have to stop those egos of ours. Too bad Tracinksi wasn't able to respond to that idiotic line.

The entire segment basically followed the same line of reasoning that his article did.

By the way, you know me as SteveG on #aynrand at undernet.

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