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Is there a Fort Worth area Objectivist club?

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I'm wanting to know if there's an Objectivist club in the Fort Worth area. Dallas is a little far to drive from where I'm at. I couldn't seem to find a list of local clubs on the site. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. :confused:

Psychotrope - no, there is not an Objectivist club that is specifically for Fort Worth or Tarrant County. The percentage of Objectivists in the general population is still small enough that, in order to achieve "critical mass" membership wise it really makes sense for two nearby metropolitan areas to have a combined club.

You can read more about the club in the area at: http://aynrand.meetup.com/71/ And, the good news for those of us in Fort Worth, the location where most of the meetings are held, while still a definite drive, is much easier to get to from Fort Worth than it is from Dallas in terms of traffic and, I am pretty sure. distance as well. (Unless there is some sort of race at the Texas Motor Speedway at which time anyone trying to go north from Fort Worth up I-35W is pretty much screwed)

I have so far managed to make it to only one of the meetings - but I had a good time and there were several people present I would consider as being knowledgeable about Objectivism. One of the things you might consider is attending a meeting and seeing if there are any other people from Fort Worth/Tarrant County you hit it off with and see if they might be interested getting together separately between meetings.

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