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I am an iTunes junkie, and am constantly perusing and listening to samples from the music store for fun refreshing music. I stumbled across Roisin Murphy in a quest to track down some music I liked from the show "Grey's Anatomy." In so doing, I discovered her song, on the same album as Ramalama, and by the same name as "Ruby Blue." I really like the song "Ruby Blue" and have purchased it. (Not that this helps your drive for insight.)

On a separate note, I love the iTunes ability to access individual songs without purchasing a whole CD of songs that you might not want...But by the same token, I feel like in some cases, I am missing out on listening to an artist's ability to make a nice collection of music by not buying the rest of the songs. Maybe this is another topic all together, but thanks to current technology, I feel like I liberally buy one-songs here-and-there from a broad range of artists, and am more conservative about buying whole albums in entirety. Sometimes I wonder if I am cheating myself from the artist's depth. (Sorry, for going off on a tangent, here...just some thoughts.)

In any case, Roisin Murphy is one of the artists that I bought the one song, but wonder if I am missing out on other great music too. I am curious to hear what other people's experience has been. However, it seems Roisin only has one album to choose from.

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