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to properly introduce myself. I'm 29, married to a wonderful man, and live in Denver, Colorado. I'm currently a full time student, pursuing a Nursing degree, which is a big career change for me. I earned a degree in Aviation Technology, and had aspired to be an airline pilot, but that eluded me when I had to quit flying for medical reasons. I did stay in the industry for 3 years after that, and dispatched aircraft instead of flying them. While I really enjoyed my work, for too many reasons to list I had to abandon it.

The first book of Ayn Rand's I read was Atlas Shrugged, and it remains my favorite to this day. My mother, who I'm very close to, bought it for me as it's her favorite book. I had been somewhat involved with the Libertarian Party prior to that, as they seemed to be the best political alternative available...you all have subsequently convinced me that they're not. Thanks for that - I really love this forum, and while I don't have much time to participate, I really appreciate this great resource and all of the fantastic people who can take the time to really contribute. I know whenever I need to read some intelligent discourse, perhaps for the world to feel more sane sometimes, this is the place to come.

I still have a lot to learn, although as yet I can't say there's anything about Objectivism I disagree with. So far I have read all of Miss Rand's fiction [We The Living is my second favorite,] and have started to plow through the non-fiction. I've gotten through VoS, CTUI, and I'm part way through ITOE. Since I started school again in January I have little time for pleasure reading, and my progress has been frustratingly slow. I'm hoping to be able to take off Spring semester - that would definitely allow me to speed up the process!

So please bear with the newbie and keep up the good work guys - you rock. :)

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