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I'm currently busy trying to start grad school in the U.S. in the fall of 2007, and it looks like I have just completed a major step along that road. I had to take my GRE earlier today, and it went quite well :D

I got a 780 (out of 800) on the quantitative part, and a 620 (out of 800) on the verbal part. So that's a combined score of 1400 on this part of the GRE, and most schools only require something like 1000 on the GRE :)

My essays will probably take longer to grade, but they went quite well. My Analysis of Issue was about the statement that students should be slightly skeptical and question what they are being taught instead of passively accepting it. It was nice to be able to agree with the statement, and it wasn't very difficult to give good arguments for my position. I think posting a lot on message boards has helped with being able to put my thoughts down on paper in a limited amount of time.

Now I have to take my TOEFL, although I can't imagine that will give me any trouble :P

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Not as of yet, I will probably apply to a number of schools to increase my chance of getting admitted somewhere :) The coming months I will be busy making the final decision on where to actually apply. At this point I have chosen to forward my GRE scores to three schools in Texas (Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas A&M University (I forget which location :D) and University of Texas at San Antonio) and also one in Washington (Washington State University in Pullman, I believe).

This isn't my final decision, but they each looked promising. I will probably also select a few schools in the eastern part of the country, and then decide on which to actually send the admission materials to.

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Yeah Maarten, awesome scores, and i know because i did the same (650 verbal/750 quantitative) :lol:

But don't get too excited, grad school is super competitive. With my test scores and a 3.5 gpa, i still probably can't get into a top 10 philosophy school. Though, i guess for philosophy, a subject that relies pretty much all on prestige, it matters more where you go to school. It seems to me, tell me if i'm wrong, that the humanities are more like law school (it matters where you go), and the hard sciences are more like med school (it doesn't matter so much where you go).

anyway, double ups for you because biotechnology probably won't even look at your verbal score.

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