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Why so quiet?

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A few days ago I was thinking about doing the same thing at http://www.terrygoodkind.com/forums/

Terry Goodkind is a fan of Ayn Rand and a few of people like to talk about her on the forum. Also some of the people like to bring up topics like selfishness and sacrafice because of the Terry's books. The problem is that not only would we get a few people that want to learn more about objectivism (like me) but all the mystics that use their feelings as reasons for sacraficing and even being selfish. I havn't said anything about this forum because I don't know what type of site this is supposed to be. If it's mainly for debate with mystics then I will post something but if it's mainly for learning about objectivism then I could just send private messages to a few of them that I think would be interested.

I also think there needs to be some ground rules for what types of posts are allowed. There was one post by a guest a couple of days ago that got deleted (The communism is inevitable post). Why? I don't know but it would be a good thing to know what is allowed and what is not before posting.

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This site is for students of Objectivism who are consciously trying to learn more about Objectivism, not for debates with irrationalists.

I wrote some guidelines on the main site, but it's down right now, unfortunately. I should have it back up when I get back from vacation next week.

Anyway, the forums are intended for anyone who is genuinely interested in Objectivism, regardless of his actual views. Everyone who is honest and open to rational discourse is welcome to participate. Furthermore, the topics are not limited to Objectivism, as long as they are not disruptive and within the proper topic.

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