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In a surprise move, the libertarians (best choice/not saying much) realize the people's dislike of the election stagnation: bush family vs. clinton family; and Libertarian presidential candidate Colin Powell wins in a landslide! He did abjure on account of W.'s actions...

It would be the first step of a thousand mile journey.


Anybody have contacts to the required people for this plan?

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I didn't think Colin Powell was considered "libertarian," so I did some learnin'.

A moderate Republican, Powell is well known for his willingness to support liberal or centrist causes. He is pro-choice regarding abortion, [12] in support of affirmative action, and in favor of "reasonable" gun control. However, Powell is opposed to allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military and played a crucial role in derailing President Clinton's 1993 plans on that matter.

He doesn't sound too libertarian to me, but he sounds like he's partly there. Of course, there's the whole question of what "libertarian" means anyway.

I would say the Powell Doctrine would be a rational way to wage a war, as long as "international support" is recognized as being optimal, but not necessary.

All things considered, I'd definitely vote for Colin Powell if he was up for election facing Bush and Clinton, and probably any other Republican/Democratic pairing, especially considering his stance on war, which is certainly one of the most important national issues of the day.

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