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Written In Stone

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Written in Stone

Shane Stylianos


We live our lives in chains

As we look to the stars

To define our destiny

As we wonder who we are

But, the secrets of my journey

Are for me and me alone

And all our lives we wonder

Are they written in stone?


And what would we do

If the hammer came down

And all our words of stone

Were shattered on the ground

Could we pick up and walk away?

Could we live for our own?

Would it really matter if it’s

Written in stone?

Time will pass us by

No matter how time’s passed

The choices that we make

Will lead us to our last

The decisions of my journey

Are made for me and me alone

Because where we go from here

Isn’t written in stone


I swing the hammer

*If this post is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.

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That's a nice, fun couplet there.

On line 2, is there a reason is begins with "As we" rather than "If we"?

Thanks...I liked it too :D

I hadn't thought about that line and it's implications. It's possibly linked to the point in time where I was still struggling with agnosticism and looking at the people around me. That would be a good change to make, though. Thank you!

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