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Chicago Maroon: article written by student of O'ism

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Other conservatives too are calling for a return to "conservative principles" and implying the party should pause its religious agenda. Personally, I would prefer true gridlock over a centrist victory. When I imagine a government of not-so-centrist Republicans or a government of not-so-centrist Democrats, the sight isn't pleasant. However, a government where all branches are run by what people might call "centrists" (people who reflect the average person's "common sense" approach) might be just as bad, because they will actually have public support in getting their "common-sense" agenda passed. McCain has great support among the so-called "independent voter"; and, look at how well the anti-business Spitzer did in New York.

So, I'll take grid-lock over something like a "Reform party" coalition of "common sense" folk any day.

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Too many mentions of gay issues. Gives the reader the impression you have an agenda and makes them suspicious of the entire piece. And the bracketed comment about remembering Bush's lie comes across as bitchy. But the overall point about the Repubs being big spenders is right on.

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