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Greetings from the People's Republic of Brazil

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Or something like that...

Hi all! I'm familiar with this website and forum for quite a bit, but now I'm introducing myself. My name is Bruno Raymundo, I'm 21 years old, Chemical Engineering student, and I was born and live in Brazil. Fortunately, in one of the most well developed areas, the southern region.

On the other hand, unfortunately, Brazil is walking towards a frightening path, the road to collectivism. That's why I posted this topic as People's Republic... actually it's a deturped Federative Republic.

But so I have to live a rational life in an irrational society. We all have to, don't we?

Glad to be here. Thanks for the owners of the site for having this great idea!


Oh, just an explanation for my nickname: I took it from the movie Starship Troopers. Brainbug is the thinking insect that was captured in the end. Err... I was younger... :lol:

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