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The Muslims are Right

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The Muslims Are Right

A poem by

Brandon Cropper


[email protected]


The Muslims are right,

Just examine their ways

And you’ll see that they’re properly frightened;

The Muslims see clearly the threats to their culture,

For the West is a culture Enlightened.

While they tout religion and dogma and prayer,

And their youth memorize the Koran,

The West has its science and reason and freedom,

And the sovereign rights of man.

Islam preaches faith and belief -

The oldest saw in all history.

The West created the hypothesis,

And our science reveals every mystery.

Islam offers the altruist ethic:

Sacrifice they call virtue.

Jefferson immortalized our sacred phrase:

Its happiness man should pursue.

Islam claims that Sharia Law

Applies everywhere on the planet.

“Behead unbeliever!” they shout in a rage,

“Submit infidels to the gamut!”

But the West won’t give up -

We’ve come way too far

To submit to primordial beasts.

We will not regress to their ancient and dreary

Cannibalistic feast.

They spend more time praying

Than we spend at playing;

We work while they kneel in the mosque.

What will they get for their prayers when its over?

Nothing! They’ll see that they’ve lost.

Who will win this round?

Freedom, or Islam?

The West won before this began:

No more religion, hatred, contrition,

For we’ve found the Rights of Man.

The End

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Tis poem is quite good! but what has it got to do with the north koria in the link above it?

The link above takes you to my "channel" on youtube, where there is a lot more than the video on North Korea. Did you browse my other available videos? I have several of my own poems, recommended reading lists, anecdotes about the uneducated nature of people today, and so on.

Perhaps you weren't too familiar with Youtube? Here's a direct link to the above poem, read aloud by myself:


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HA HA! it's great! wow! youtube. amazing! so you have alot of stuff there! whatsit, like, you can just get your own video thingy? is it free?

Yeah, its free. I have close to three hours of video posted and I'm not paying anything, except I get to look at their advertising all the time.

I just wanted to post this link to let everyone know that Sharia Law is already established in Britain, independent of the legal system, as an "alternative" system of courts. America next?



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