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Hi everyone, I've been discussing things on this forum for a while, but I've never formally introduced myself. Time to remedy that.

I'm a college student (soon to be a graduate student) from New Jersey, with interests in music, literature, politics and philosophy. My introduction to Ayn Rand came in my last year of High school when I read the Fountainhead to enter ARI's essay contest (in which I achieved second place out of many applicants). Since then I have, over a large period of time, read most of her other material, fiction and non.

While I am not an Objectivist, I am looking to learn more about Ayn Rand's ideas. As an English major, I am particularly interested in her uses of philosophical language and aesthetic theories. My other area of study was music, with my recent work focusing on the Romantic period (seen as beginning w/Beethoven's 9th, and ending somewhere between Tchaikovsky and Mahler), and I am very interested in discussing the music of these Romantic composers, which I love, with people on this board.

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