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A Scam Behind Every Hysteria: $1.5 Billion

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By Andy from The Charlotte Capitalist,cross-posted by MetaBlog

There is always a scam behind every hysteria. The global warming hysteria masks a fascist/socialist agenda. The bird flu hysteria is no different.

From Reuters:

Global efforts to fight bird flu need $1.2-1.5 billion extra funding over the next two to three years, the World Bank said on Monday, advocating more effective compensation for poultry farmers caught in the front line. In a report prepared for distribution at a conference this week in the West African country of Mali, the Bank outlined funding needs over and above $1.9 billion pledged in January in Beijing, including an extra $466 million for Africa alone....

...The report noted the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu strain had killed 76 people already this year, almost matching the death toll from the previous three years. The disease had spread to 55 countries, compared with just 16 at the end of 2005...

"Experience suggests that compensation schemes are particularly susceptible to fraud, error and abuse," it said.

Oh, let us not forget the scare tactics:

But it said the sums were a fraction of the potential $1.5-$2 trillion costs of a severe human influenza pandemic.

Scientists fear the deadly virus could mutate into a version able to pass between people, triggering a global pandemic which could potentially kill tens of millions of people.

The United Nations has no moral right to loot or distribute these funds. That is the primary moral argument.

Practically, why is it that 250 million birds have died, but only 200 or so humans over the past 4 years or so? I would like to know what these idiots who are dying of bird flu are doing with these birds. It is next to impossible to get this virus into a human being.

Wait a minute...Stars & Stripes has the answer. This is not a potential pandemic -- this is morons not washing their hands.

People also should practice good hygiene habits, including washing their hands, Lund said.


Lt. Col. Eric T. Lund, 18th Medical Command preventive medicine consultant, said Wednesday that military community members across the peninsula should be "be aware of it, but not worried."

Most cases of infection result from direct contact with the poultry, their feces or with discharges from the birds' mouths and beaks, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Another threat is from eating or handling undercooked or raw poultry products.

Lund said people should not avoid eating chicken or eggs, as long as the food is well cooked.

"No pink chicken, no runny yolks," he said.

Bottom line: Easy way to save several billions dollars...Wash your hands like yo' momma told you, cook your food, and for God's sake stop playing with bird feces and beak discharges.</em>


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