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Earth 2020: three outcomes to global warming

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Of course, such an assumption rules out the possibility that global warming is a reality.

Global warming is a reality. Global cooling is a reality (but not at the same time!). At the end of the last great ice age the earth warmed up so much that enough ice melted from the glaciers to raise the ocean level 400 feet! Now that's Global Warming!.

Global warming (i.e. the temperature of the atmosphere and oceans rising) can disrupt some of the major halocine conveyors (like the Atlantic Conveyor). If that happens Europe is in for some colder weather (as occurred during the "Little Ice Age"). Hans Brinker had better get his Silver Skates out of the closet so he can ice skate on the canals of Amsterdam during the winter. Fear not! The Human Race will survive such an outcome.

To be a little paradoxical, climate change is constant. The climate is always changing.

Bob Kolker

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The political trend might just go the same way of global cooling did. Hopefully by then we will still be alive from all of the other problems that we are having :P

Otherwise I assume that the climate change, as long as it is not to the extreme (such as an ice age), will turn out to be good for the human population as it usually is, I think.

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