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A Muslim Criticizes Christmas

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The following letter has been “smuggled” by unspecified means by an undercover Muslim who must remain anonymous for his safety. It has been translated to English for your reading. The last several paragraphs are the most revealing, but the entire tone of the letter, with all the hate and violence, is obvious. The letter is followed by a brief commentary from a concerned patriot.

A Muslim Criticizes Christmas

By A. Nona Muss

Praise be to Allah.

There is a movie for children with the subject of a reindeer with a red nose which can lead Santa’s sleigh through dangerous fog on the night of Christmas. The red-nosed reindeer is Rudolph, and he is made to be cute, praise be to Allah.

At the early part of the movie, Rudolph is skating on a frozen pond. He sees a young female deer and finds her beautiful, so he approaches her. She says, “Hi Rudolph...” and then later, “Rudolph...? I like you, Rudolph...”

Rudolph skates off singing, “She likes me, she likes me!”

Shown here to children by the infidels is to make a woman’s adulterous seductions the cute contemplation. Praise be to Allah, these filthy infidels do not respect the holy ways.

If the rich man is too fat to ascend the mountain of virtue, then learning by seeing this man, should we then seek riches? No! Riches are evil and a temporary distraction! Peace be on Mohammed.

Yet the infidel Westerner, in order to celebrate their savior, their “son of god,” will celebrate this savior by giving to one another and each relative and each friend a thing of worldly wealth, some luxury lusted after by the gift receiver. In the name of love and celebrating the almighty, they weigh themselves and loved ones down with more luxury to stop them from ascending the mountain of virtue.

These vial infidels spend their time not in praising Allah, but in working and producing, that they may consume more and spend more time in material distraction. Praise be to Allah!

Do they not see the true way? Remember the fat man on the mountain, heavy with wealth. If he is robbed, has his robber brought him damage, or has his robber helped him? For he has lightened the fat man’s burden, making heaven closer, and pleasing Allah.

Look again at the heathen cartoon. As they teach their young such adulterous and immoral ways, are their youth not corrupted? Every Muslim must know of the huge numbers of “fatherless” births in Western nations. These “fatherless” births are not without the father because he has left, but because the girl is not sure which of the many men she has whored was the one to impregnate her! Do the infidels not see the evil of their ways? Praise be to Allah!

Is it any favor to them when we allow them to live their lives this way? Each of their transgressions concretes and solidifies their evil. If we will end their life early it will be a favor to them by delivering them to Allah’s judgment before they can transgress further, and cause Allah’s feverish anger to only grow more by these further transgressions.

It is the duty of each pious Muslim to do what they can to end the lives of as many nonbelievers as possible. Send your sons as martyrs to the cause! Jihad calls you to a virtuous and merciful end.

Jesus of Nazareth, who the Christians call their Christ and Savior, was a pious prophet, although his greatness was eclipsed by Muhammad, peace be upon him. Let us no longer stand by as the Americans and other infidels desecrate his memory by their material filth and luxury.

Praise be to Allah!

Let us honor Jesus by exterminating and sending to their judgment as many Christians as possible at each Christmas season, when their evil and materialism reaches its most vial point.

Allah has called you for your purpose!

Praise be to Allah, for we serve in his name and we are humble in our function.

The End

So is Islam a religion of peace? They are advocating slaughter on Christmas, openly advocating the death and dimemberment of Americans! “Peace on earth, goodwill toward men...” Not when Muslims are near!

In the constitution the words “clear and present danger” are used. Islam is as clear and presently dangerous as anyone could imagine.

Today we face a threat from Islam as great or greater than the threat we faced against Hitler and Imperial Japan in WWII.

AND THEY HAVE ALREADY ATTACKED. September 11 killed more Americans than Pearl Harbor. Five years after Pearl Harbor, WWII was over.

It has been five years since September 11. Why are we still appeasing the terrorist nations?

Make no mistake - the “terrorist” attacks are made possible by the expenditure of national resources over a period of decades by key Mideast regimes, including Iran and Saudi Arabia foremost, as well as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan and others.

I think by reading the above document, you have seen for yourself the unmitigated hatred and violence of the Muslims. Islam is NOT a religion of peace - it is an ideology of war.

Please tell your friends and neighbors, spread the word that we need to defend America and freedom. We must confront Iran and Saudi Arabia in proud self-defense and insist that unless they stop preaching Death to America, they will be utterly destroyed in a war as total as the Second World War.

We owe it to ourselves and our own lives and Happiness, and we owe it to every American who has ever died in the service of his nation. We cannot let our freedoms and rights expire under so petty a foe as ancient, stagnant religion.

-Concerned Citizen #1

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