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The Atlantic's 100 Most Influential Americans

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The Atlantic Monthly just published its list of 100 Most Influential persons in American History.

Some notables:

Industrialists / Scientists

Franklin 6

Edison 9

Rockefeller 11

Ford 14

Carnegie 20

Wright Bros 23

Bell 24

Whitney 27

Einstien 32

Salk 34

Morgan 37 (low I think)

Morse 45

Oppenheimer 48

Gates 54

Watson 68

Walton 72

McCormick 73

Wright 76 (behind Sullivan 59)

Fermi 88

Eastman 94

Statesmen / Jurists

Lincoln 1

Washington 2

Jefferson 3

Roosevelt 4

Hamilton 5

Franklin 6

Marshal 7

Wilson 10

Grant 12

Madison 13

Teddy Roosevelt 15

Reagan 17

Jackson 18

Paine 19

Truman 21

Adams 25 (yikes, so low)

Eisenhower 28

Warren 29 (yikes)

Clay 31

LBJ 44

Polk 50

Holmes 53

JQ Adams 55

Thurgood Marshall 84

Nixon 99

Ayn Rand did not make the list; however, in the sidebar on "Most Influential Architechts" is one name you'll appreciate: Howard Roark.

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Warren 29 (yikes)

What in particular upset you about Chief Justice Earl Warren's standing? Just curious.

I think George Dantzig belongs on that list, as it was his revolutionary advances that led to the field of Operations Research, the science of applying rigorous mathematics to solving real world problems. This field has helped generate unprecedented wealth in countless industries and will continue to do so.

Milton Friedman is also conspicuously absent.

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