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Men: Squat When You Pee

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You see, the educators in this country, having eschewed Euro-centrism, now march in lock-step with European Progressive Transnationalism. The key tenets of this latest mutation of Marxism are politically correct oppression of speech and multiculturalism. Having eschewed any of that old Western logic, they are unable to see the irony.

Alternate headlines for this story:

The Metaphysical and the Woman-made

Girls gone wild

The Effects of Not Taming the Shrew

Lysistrata takes over

Hey, if you think that's bad, some politician in New York is trying to ban the use of the "n" word!

We have people dying in wars. We have families displaced from their homes by unaffordable taxes. And yet we focus on this bullsh*t!

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Oh man, that is appalling. I guess it's not enough to hate the good for being the good... They have to limit the good's vocabulary, too!

The US Federal Fair Housing Act already restricts similar words in real estate advertising. Sort of. The Act prohibits discriminatory advertising, and has been interpreted to forbid certain words and phrases. Publishers maintain running "taboo lists" of words that courts have found discriminatory under the Act. The word "responsible" is on the taboo list, for some reason, along with the (slightly) more obvious "able-bodied," "bachelor," "near churches," "couples only," "empty nesters," "exclusive," "executive," and "non-smokers." That last I don't understand, and I only have my Property textbook as reference for it.

The proposed restriction on urination position for men makes no sense at all. In public, there are separate restrooms for men and women. A man urinating while standing in a men-only restroom isn't likely to offend any female bystanders. How do they intend to enforce the rule in private homes? If women can't do something, men oughtn't be allowed to do it? Perhaps it makes me too magnanimous towards Europe and Australia, but I'm not ready to believe this is truly something being taken seriously by anyone. It smells like satire.


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Here's some more fun:

mapsu.org (referenced in DavidOdden's link above) complains about a product called "Jonny Glow™" on their "News" page:

Came across a product that is so antithetical to our mission, that it might be called the antimapsu. What would make someone want to pay $10, get on his knees, and install a glow-in-the-dark ring of adhesive INSIDE their toilet? It's probably intense homophobia, but regardless of the motivation, would you want a groggy redneck pissing in your toilet with the light off, jonnyglow or not?

Bold mine. Bolded so as to say, "what the expletive?" I don't get it. How is Jonny Glow™ homophobic?

[NB: Based on the advertising, mapsu is likely a joke site. It's still really darn weird, though.]

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I think it's safe to say it's a satire site:

Since we at MAPSU are "pee-in-our-pants liberals," we do recommend lengthening your phallus as a form of HARM REDUCTION, since a longer penis means urine has less distance to travel, and less distance to travel is a very, very good thing. Furthermore, a longer barrel means increased accuracy; Charlton Heston can attest to that! Together these two factors help decrease the radius and angle of urine dissipation.
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Well, in the article they quote this woman who said that she dumps her boyfriends if they pee while standing up, and generally people don't have seperate bathrooms at home, do they?

Oh. Are you sure? The article was talking about taking urinals out of public restrooms.

But you are a bit of a slob (or a master shot) if you don't put the seat up first.

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I think it's safe to say it's a satire site:

So that explains the suspicious advertising! I was wondering why an organization purporting to be composed of mothers tired of scrubbing the bathroom floor would advertise member-enhancement devices. It makes so much sense now! Longer barrel, indeed.

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