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Help, I Have a Very Odd Ethical Question

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I obviously know it is unethical to use force against someone in return for monetary gain. But what if the person paying you is also the person being injured? I know this sounds bizare, believe me it's bothering me more every time I consider it, I just can't come to any sort of conclusion. What's worse is that this is a real situation.........long story.

If it bothers you than obviously you know inside that it probably isnt right. Whaterver amount of$ this person is offering just ask yourself "is it worth my peace of mind?"

You know the answer.

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Because I don't believe that such a thing as a "soul" exists and I'd be taking advantage of his insanity/gullibility rather than actually earning the money. It's be just like selling stock in a non-existant company or any other form of stealing. Yeah, he *gave* me the money of his own free will, but in exchange for something that doesn't exist.
But in the case of selling stock the presumption is that the duped thinks he's getting an existent company's stock because you're telling him it exists. In this instance, it's like some guy approaching you and saying "Hey, can I buy your 3000 shares of Purple Buffalo?" and trying to convince you that those shares and that company exist. This situation is even worse because this person thought they were outwitting you and really stood to gain from buying your soul and controlling it. Their statement is "I'm offering this exchange because consent to own your soul is more valuable than you know". I think accepting the offer is the ultimate expression of "no, you're wrong" and gives them what they deserve.

I don't think it's utterly necessary for everyone else to behave this way, but this is the way I behave.

Makes sense.

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