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The Island of Stability

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I'm doing some research on the Island of Stability, and I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it and how valid the theories behind it are.

I do not know much about it and I am a lay person but I will attempt an explanation. The island of stability is a theory of creating an isotope with a “magic number” of neutrons and protons with a long enough half-life to sustain fusion. The problem is that when tried we find a substantial repelling force between neutrons preventing them from being packed together that close. If neutrons can’t be crammed together so tightly then sustained fusion is not possible current theories of Neutron Stars are falsified.

Have you found anything interesting in your research?

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It sounds perfectly realistic, if you were living in a hypothetical world, in which most of my scientific calculations have been. In my chemistry class this year, all numbers we get are totally hypothetical, such as the ideal gas law, which is almost never feasible.

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