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Teach you Baby by Dr Glenn Doman

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before I met Ayn Rand's works, I read books by Dr Glenn Doman where he claims that every baby born has the ability to be a genieus. He wrote books for parents teaching them how to do it: how to teach their baby to read, to do math, to play music, to be phisically superb, to have encyclopedic knowledge, etc.

I tried these programs with my baby, and I guess either I wasn't as good, or he was wrong. I'm not complaining about my child, he is very smart, and knows alot, but not what Dr Doman describes in his books.

what do Objectivists think about this kind of thing? do you believe that every baby is born with equal brain power? that it's nature, or nurture that makes people smart?

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I think the idea that every human is born with the same intelligence is plainly false. All humans are different in almost every respect, why would intelligence be different. What research does he cite to prove his statement?

As for the question of why are some people smarter than others, I think the answer is that it is both nature and nurture. I think it is quite plain that there is a genetic part of intelligence. However without the right environment to grow intellectually, the full capability will never be realized.

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