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I would personally like this thread to be all-purpose (or at least multi-purpose) oriented. As the real world version has been used, people could post meeting dates for gaming sessions, announcements of upcoming events, dinner dates, etc.

Personally, I would like to meet _musicians_ or at least other artists. Likewise, I am perfectly happy if such people want to contact me offline via P.M. Ideally, I would like to attempt to jam/rehearse/brainstorm in "Mr. Midas'" valley.

Run with it...

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I just found this hostel near Telluride, as a possible cheaper place to stay at OCON.

Back Narrows Inn

They say its a 1/2 hour drive away from Telluride, and $30 a night for a hostel bed in a shared room. It says they have private rooms too. I once stayed at a beautiful log cabin lodge hostel in a different part of Colorado, overlooking Grand Lake. It was gorgeous, and I could hardly believe it was a backpacking hostel! I don't know if this one is anything like that, but it could be good.

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I was wondering if anyone has found good deals for flying into the "Gulch".

Telluride is too remote for JetBlue. I might book my flight through Travelocity or something similar, but I was wondering if anyone has found a better deal. I know that with this season higher costs are too be expected, but it costs over 600$ for a RT from Southern California to Telluride? Ouch! (No thanks to the TSA either. :thumbsup: )

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I went the travelocity route and paid over $700 with taxes for RT from Florida. I don't think one could find a cheaper flight, because most of the cost comes from the leg into Telluride. For example, I could fly into Denver for under ~$200, but then the trick is making it to telluride and back. I tried looking into a one way rental car, but no dice. One person I knew saved a bit by flying into Montrose instead and taking a 2 hour shuttle to telluride.

It will be a beautiful location, but certainly not cheap.

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