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Wanted: Tutor/Teacher - Florida (Ft Myers)

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Inspired by Lisa van Damme's story of tutoring and eventually starting her own school (www.vandammeacademy.com), and frustrated by our child's current school, we are looking for a tutor for our 9-year old daugter, Kira (and eventually, her currently-4-year-old sister, Alexandria.) Our primary goal is for her to receive a rational education. We are also seeking additional students locally, in order that our costs are spread out a little (maybe with 4 or 5 children). Ultimately, if interest grew, we are open to investing to expand to a full school -- but, again, primarily we just want our daughter to receive a quality education, free from nonsensical new-age trivia and rampant political correctness.

Although we are inspred by many educators (Marva Collins, for example, is a long-time favorite), we really appreciate Lisa Van Damme's approach, curriculum, etc. and are interested in modeling our success after hers (she has in fact suggested to us that the teacher/s we choose come visit her and observe the Van Damme Academy method).

We do not require teacher certification or any such "official" credentials (though we do not reject such, either); obviously we are looking for parties who are seriously interested and competent. Experience is not as important as rationality and commitment to a rational method.

I am located in southwest Florida (Ft Myers). Obviously interested parties would need to live here, or close enough to teach here daily during the school year. Pay and terms are negotiable and depend on factors such as total number of students, etc.

I can be reached via email at:

[email protected]

Or via phone at 239-277-9444, or fax at 305-675-3763.

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