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My name is Jennifer Bidmead and I saw this site discussed on the OCN posts. Not a big talker, but I'm interested in what will come of this site; it's an awesome idea.

I'm preparing for graduation from college this semester, I'm so glad! My major is Graphic Design, I work in both print and web... so if anything related to graphics or layout is needed for this site, maybe I can at least offer suggestions.

That said, I am an Objectivist, I've been for about 2 years (virtually just after I finished reading Atlas Shrugged for school). My interests/pasttimes are: art/design, cooking, guitar, reading, X-Files, virtually any show on Food Network, and my boyfriend. :D

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Hey Ash, if you don't mind answering your question for Jennifer...

OCN is a list run by the Ayn Rand Institute for college students to network around the country and exchange ideas on Objectivism as they relate to club functions, and other stuff. It comes in handy. You can join at http://www.aynrand.org/campus/join.html . *end plug*


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Graduating this semester isn't too impressive; my degree is an associate's. I started college with the intention of getting a bachelor's in Information Technology but switched in the middle of my second year.

Oh, and I read Atlas Shrugged for a writing course my senior year in HS. Here's an interesting fact: the school I was in was a military dependants' school, so it's even more closely regulated than public schools. And they had us spend a semester reading and understanding Atlas Shrugged. About a quarter through the book I was seeing the irony. :D

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