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It looks interesting, but I'm going to wait and see. Once you get decent base of users, I wonder how much discussion will degenerate into constant "War Zone" posting.

I'm curious about the nature of having a no rules posting area, and what long term effects it will have on your board.


Edit: To clarify, his board has 1 posting area designated as having no rules. It appears other areas would be subject to moderation.

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Thanks Praxus! It looks great. Nice choice of quote as well.


Thankyou for joining. I am reluctant to ban anyone at these early stages but sometime in the future I may restrict the Marxists to the Anti-Capitalism section of the site.

It does not pay to be liberal in these matters.

One of the commies already swears like a trooper and his posts are full of references to pornography.

What more do you need to delete somebody?

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I belong to one other forum of a political / philosophical nature. I get my fill on that one of both liberals and conservatives who continually fail to use reason and rationality in presenting their "truths". Each visit lessens it's value to me. I couldn't bear to walk into yet another forum and have to put up with the same stuff.


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both liberals and conservatives who continually fail to use reason and rationality

Heh. ;)

Their arguments always seem besides the point. In the recent debate about giving non-citizens the power to vote, the liberals claim it is about "empowering the community" and the conservatives retort that it "violates decades of conventional wisdom!"

Rhetoric rhetoric everywhere, but no logic to think... (ok, bad paraphrasing of the rhyme of the ancient philosopher)

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