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By Diana from NoodleFood,cross-posted by MetaBlog

This is delightful news:

Past attendees at our Objectivist Summer Conference events know them to be an excellent way of immersing oneself in a benevolent and thriving community of rational minds. With that in mind, OCON is happy to report that
Objectivist Summer Conference 2007
is shattering all of our previous registration records, having already attracted twice as many registrants as we had all of last year! The conference takes place from July 6 to 15, 2007, in Telluride, Colorado, with a broad array of lectures and events, highlighted by a six-lecture presentation by Leonard Peikoff from his forthcoming book, "The DIM Hypothesis." The conference will include ten general session lectures, sixteen optional courses, a panel discussion and a series of special events.

This will be an unforgettable conference, both for its content and for its beautiful setting. We hope to see you there!

I saw Dr. Peikoff give some of his lectures for Induction in Physics and Philosophy at my first OCON in 2003, when I was still unhappily involved with IOS/TOC/TAS. I've grown to appreciate his work so much more since that time, so I'm really looking forward to these "DIM" lectures.

Also in conference news:

Lodging Note:

Because of high attendance levels, OCON has arranged conference discounts at additional lodging facilities; see our Air Travel and Lodging page for details. Attendees should book lodging directly with the accommodation of their choice in the Telluride area. We strongly recommend making your hotel reservations as early as possible, as some facilities are already completely booked. If you choose any of the facilities listed on our Air Travel and Lodging page, be sure to give them the registration code "OCON 2007" to take advantage of their conference discount rates.

Schedule Update:

Jason Rheins' optional course, "The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (part 1 of 3): Kant's Theoretical Philosophy," is now available in both Session 1 and Session 2. (This course was previously available only in Session 2.)

To find out more about and register for the conference, click here.


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