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What if 9/11 was an inside job?

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Since this topic is nowhere to be found on this forum, I assume that most of the members are not aware of this possibility.

There is a segment, (which I assume is small) who thinks that 9/11 was actually done by so called black operations within the CIA/corporation/ political think-tank/military industrial complex.

There is also a debate going on about everything that has been found by either “debunkers” or “truthers.”

If this is true, imagine the repercussions it would have on foreign policy as well as the credibility of the establishment as a whole. At the same time, what if this is not true, imagine the repercussions of a small, but growing segment of the population that wants to reverse US foreign policy when it actually will lead to defeat.

I know that this is a rather sensitive topic, so I would not be surprised if this thread ends up having some emotional responses.

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