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What's on your night stand that's good to read?

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Has anyone read "Capitalism at Work"? It's all about Enron -- how its failures are always blamed on the free market, but how its downfalls were actually a result of political medelling (how do you spell that word?!) by people like Ken Lay.

I actually came across this video on YouTube, where the author, who had worked as Lay's speechwriter, mentions the parallels between Lay and an Ayn Rand villain. If anyone has read it, I'd like to know whether it's worth the read....

I browsed this book on Amazon.com. A lot of this book, particularly the material on Enron, sounds like it is worth reading. However, the book has an appendix called "The Ayn Rand Problem". In the video, the author indicates that he draws parallels to Ayn Rand destroying "the Objectivist/Libertarian movement" and Ken Lay destroying the energy industry. I suspect that this section invites confusion on both the character and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I suspect that this section also contains the premise that it is better to have a bigger tent for advocates for laissez-faire capitalism than a strong philosophical foundation. This section of the book, although it is just an appendix, is probably not worth reading.

If anyone does read this book, I encourage you to share your thoughts on here. Notwithstanding the teased attacks on Ayn Rand, the book otherwise sounds interesting.

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