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We should all become Deeyah fans. She is a Norwegian fusion singer of Pakistani and Afghanistani descent who has taken a courageous stance against Islamic Fundamentalism and a heroic stance in favor of female sexuality through her music.

Here is a good excerpt from Wikipedia describing her recent life in the limelight:

Deeyah's choice in profession, the way she dressed and that she was considered an outspoken modern young Muslim woman was considered unacceptable. Deeyah's behaviour was considered to be setting a bad example for other young Muslims. Deeyah was followed everywhere she went, she was harassed, threatened and intimidated every time she would set her foot outside her home. Deeyah was attacked with pepper spray at one of her own concerts in Oslo. After being in several physically threatening and dangerous situations for both her and her immediate family Deeyah made the decission to buy a one way ticket to London in 1996.

According to Wikipedia, she is an activist for human rights. She is a patron of a housing and support scheme for victims of domestic violence and actively campaigns and supports The International Campaign Against Honor Killings.

It is great to see another incredible individual of middle eastern descent join the ranks of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafan Sultan, Walid Shoebat, Irshad Manji and the many others in voicing protest against Islamic Totalitarianism.

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