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The One Minute Case For Individual Rights

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Man is the rational animal

Like all living things, man requires certain values to survive, but he is unique in that he must choose the values necessary for his life because he has no automatic means of doing so.  His ability to experience the world around him and comprehend it by the use of reason gives man the capacity to understand the values his life requires, and then achieve them.  Every value we enjoy in our civilized, comfortable, existence is the product of the application of man’s mind to reality.

There is no “collective mind”

All creative effort, every invention in history, was created by the mental effort of individual men and women.  Sometimes they worked together, and their knowledge was increased by the work of predecessors, but each advance they made was their own.  The mind cannot be received, shared, or borrowed.

Man requires freedom to live

To live, man must achieve the values necessary to sustain his live. To achieve values, man must be free to think and to act on his judgment. Restrictions on freedom force man to focus not on the absolutes of reality, but on the arbitrary ideas of others.  In a free society, a man can choose to not associate with those who do not respect his judgment – by finding a new job, new friends, or a new lover.  Even if there is no one to share his ideas, every man is still free to present his own vision – by publishing his ideas or becoming an entrepreneur.  However, as soon as he faces the threat of physical force, the possibility of any such alternatives becomes irrelevant.   The initiation of force renders the mind useless as a means of survival.

Freedom requires rights

Rights are moral principles defining freedom of action in society.  The purpose of establishing individual rights is to protect man from man – to define the basic conditions necessary for social existence. All rights derive from a man’s right to his own life, including the rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.  Whether it is by a theft, force, fraud, or government coercion, man’s rights can be violated only by the initiation of force.

Rights are inalienable and non-conflicting

Rights are not guarantees to things or obligations placed on others, but only guarantees to freedom from violence (the right to life), freedom of action (the right to liberty), and the results of those actions (the right to property).  The only obligations one’s rights impose on other men is to respect the same and equal rights of others – the freedom to be left alone.  A man may have his rights violated by a criminal or a corrupt government, but morally he remains in the right, and the criminal in the wrong.

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