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Simple Blog post "Independence"

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There are very few things in life that come naturally. No one has to tell you how to breathe, be hungry, or cry for help. These are things that you learn because you are alive and wish to stay that way. Life is a constant adaptation to your surroundings and of your mind to stay in line with the necessities of life.

Many people would think this list of things stops at a relatively young age. I contest however that there are far more significant things to think about that come at a later age.

Companionship is one of them. No one has to tell you to not want to be alone. No one has to say that it is possible to find someone you can't get enough of. This is something that comes naturally, without warning, and reminds you that you are alive.

Independence is another. There are multiple parallels in nature for the desire to 'jump the nest' as it were. The desire to be one's own captain is something that comes naturally. As if your body has had enough and wants to pull you off the cliff and force you to fly.

I have found in the last couple months of my life that I have this undying twinge in my mind; this unrelenting feeling of flight in my heart that says simply "Go!!" It's really lifted me out of this hole I've been in the past year. I finally feel as though I can take to the world and find the things in it that are mine and have them.

This has been especially acute lately as I have applied for job that I qualify for that if I get, will allow me to have a brand new car, a place of my own, and the freedom to go to school again. I honestly feel alive.

As with every natural desire, be it hunger, the desire for a companion, or the pent up yearning to start one's life, one's actions must be tempered by thought. You can't go and eat mushrooms to quite your hunger, you can't sell your soul to have someone with you, and you can't live on your own without paying your bills.

This is when it becomes important to remember all the trials and tribulations that one lives through before this course of nature. Remember the things that happened how they changed you and what the taught you about the nature of life so that when you finally decide to Go! you can do so with confidence and with the ability to drink it all up and quiet, if only for a moment, that thirst for life!

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