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¿Dónde Está la Bibliotheca, Pedro?

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By Dan Edge from The Edge of Reason,cross-posted by MetaBlog

These immortal words from the movie Dodgeball have taken on a special significance for me recently. I have begun to discover the joy that is the local library.

Let me state at the outset that I do not approve of government funded libraries, just as I do not approve of government funded schools, transit systems, postal service, or medical care. All of these industries should be fully privatized. However, since I am already taxed heavily for these services, I have no qualms about taking advantage of them.

Kelly and I now visit the local library frequently, and we’re having a blast. We never pay money to rent movies any more – the library has more classic, high-quality films than most video rental stores. In the past month, I have checked out the first three Harry Potter books in succession (in preparation for the release of The Deathly Hallows), an informational book for the “Clueless Groom,” a textbook for MBAs focused on entrepreneurship, tape lectures by Peter Lynch and Suzie Orman, and, most recently, a two-tape educational course on intermediate Spanish. (My South American friends will be so surprised when I declare, ¡Yo quiero una jirafa violeta para desayuno!)

Each of these items, whether for education or entertainment, offers a tremendous benefit to my life. As small as my local rural library is, I will never run out of interesting books, movies, and tapes to explore. If you are unfamiliar with your local bibliotheca, I highly recommend paying it a visit. ¡Que Suerte!

--Dan Edge

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My local library smells funny, and the range of books, tapes and videos isn't all that great. That said, I did read my first copy of 'Transmetropolitan" there, so it's not all bad. Maybe I could ask them to order in ITOE and some lecture tapes from the ARI.

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