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  1. Thank you both Yes, I've discovered the Chat - I'll drop-in there from time to time.
  2. Greetings, I have come following user jacassidy2 from the philosophyforums.com which he recently left, following (I'm guessing, but you'll have to ask him) a fairly recent inundation of solipsists and 'matter is just another state of consciousness' adherents who have generally shown 'bad form' and lead to frustrating and, frankly, not very serious philosophy (not much philosophy in general, even). At least, that was the sentiment which I gathered and which I agree with, so I followed him here. That being said, I warn now that I'm really not all that familiar with Ayn Rand's Objectivism. I read Atlas Shrugged about 15 years ago (yes, a re-read is overdue). I am not here, however, to 'join a team of Ayn-Randists' if that's what this place is (tell me now). All I know is that my current views are that reality exists independently of consciousness and this has been my main area of investigation - so I'll be spending much time in the Metaphysics (Epistemology & Ontology) section. Regarding religion: please do not be put-off by the 'tao' in my username - I have no religion and do not discuss in more than that. The 'tao' is merely my tip-o-the-hat to some epistemological and ontological understanding which I've come to which seem often to 'agree' with various taoist philosophical principles (so again, the philosophy side, not the religious side of taoism). That's why there's the 'math' part - to 'scare away' those of the more 'mystical' penchant. I am not formally trained in anything really. I've dabbled. I'm curious. Outside of high school, I'm pretty-much self-taught. So with regards to 'mathematics', I describe myself as like a moth to the flame: I love it, find it beautiful, fascinating, and just wanna try - FOOP - and my eyebrows and nose-hairs get singed... I live in Geneva, Switzerland. Yes, I am French-English bilingual - by necessity, but English is, let's be honest, my 'first' language. Right, that's about enough from me. See you in the forum! Best regards, Thomas