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  2. Sums it all up for the two threads regarding religion vs secular socialists.
  3. Some telling blows: https://www.capitalismmagazine.com/2021/02/religious-left-and-right-quibble-over-human-carnage-but-agree-to-keep-hating-capitalism/
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  5. Good arguments. ""No. Liberty is good because of God"". Yes, that's the core rationale. I would imagine, and any conversations I've had with thoughtful religious people indicated - that if asked "Good"... okay, but for whom?" - Prager would recognize and agree: liberty is good ... for mankind and men's lives. (Therefore, in the individual's self-interest?). And God put his initial and final stamp of authority on it... But it's not my full time endeavor to persuade conservatives of the objective "good". What separates the conservative Right and the hard Left in action, broa
  6. The longer title is Mystique of the Intellectual: Heroes of Ayn Rand's Dystopias and the Ron Paul Revolution Much of the article is about Ron Paul, which one could skip to save time and focus on what is about Ayn Rand. The article is more or less psycho-epistemology. The author invokes three terms new to me, though what they mean is not new. These are knowledge inflation, funneling, and prediction-fulfillment. Knowledge inflation is essentially 'some implies all' and/or argument by authority. If Ayn Rand is deemed correct about one thing, one should assume she was correct about somet
  7. Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities
  8. If you ask leftists as in: Obama, or Chomsky, or FDR, or Governor of California or whichever American leftist, if they believe in Liberty, they will say yes. It does not indicate anything about the respondent. Chomsky in particular has said, free speech in the US has allowed him to say everything he has said. But if Prager were asked "Is Liberty good because it is to your self interest?" He would say NO, Liberty is good because of God. “Our founders knew that people are not basically good. They needed to keep a strong God to keep people good. Being answerable to God insured bett
  9. My impression is that conservatives are struggling with the PoMo "phenomenon", while not understanding it exists and has a specific identity. As well they might. It's hard enough for regular students of philosophy like me to take in the scope of. Because these guys aren't confronted just with the 'usual' Leftism/secularism/atheism which they hardly approved of, but have had to learn to tolerate. This one is a brand new outgrowth of Leftism from deeper philosophical roots. There is one end to it and that is destruction, nihilism. When you hear ranting by conservatives agains
  10. When a ship returns to port from international waters, the captain relinquishes legal sovereignty to the nation where the port is taken. This differs from space as international waters, as well as "islands" in space that might become nations, in and of themselves.
  11. Then call his and that of the many/the majority "a sense of life" individualism. While I don't believe that explains conservative individualism in its entirety. There are many right-conservative writers who are conceptually explicit about its value. But bare minimum, one's positive sense of life, when shared by millions has to be a beneficial foundation for society.
  12. Currently, none whatsoever. We can only hope that this POTUS allows that horrible treaty to be violated (which is extremely likely since he was Obama's VP) and the next POTUS and the next, until the treaty is either scrapped or enforced. Yes, but if one goes out and extracts something valuable from some desert island in the hopes of bringing it back home then one's rights could still be violated at that point. It's entirely possible that the first person to turn that sort of profit would find it immediately confiscated by some faceless bureaucrat, never to be seen again.
  13. Hicks traces with a broad brush by his admission, gathering all or most of the threads: from the big guns Objectivists are more familiar with, Kant, Hegel, Rousseau, Marx, etc. through their derivative intermediaries (I for one had hardly read about), the French 20thC philosophers, e.g. Derrida, who completed 'deconstructing' reason and objectivity - and the Enlightenment. They and their teachings and further derivations of those taught and promoted by contemporary intellectuals, necessarily fill the learning gap, so explaining what we see today in action, the "Post Modern" phenomenon and how
  14. Yesterday
  15. I thought Trump and his sheep did that. Please elaborate. Yeah, that's confusing. Eiuol made the point better: I was responding to the idea that the side that caused a major instability was the wrong choice. So you could trace the cause of the Capitol Riot to the left by arguing that the left caused the lockdowns which caused the need for mass mail-in ballots which led to Trump losing and inspiring his followers to revolt against Congress. Obviously we're dealing with people making volitional choices, so these aren't deterministic actions and reactions, and you could argue f
  16. One person on an island has no need for a provision for protection of individual rights. As you migrate to two or more - at what point on the continuum does fences make for good neighbors move to establishing institutions among men to secure their individual rights? The development of communities in the new world under English, French and Spanish influence as it moved toward the conditions that gave rise to the Declaration of Independence should be rife with case studies to tease out pro and con aspects. As to an intellectual on that front, C. Bradley Thompson comes to mind.
  17. But that hasn't been enacted yet, has it? It's one thing to say what should be done, and another to note the current situation.
  18. 1. There's also the authorities in Wuhan forbidding discussion of the disease early on.
  19. Come on man, the way you jump in and say this first, especially because everyone knows you don't like me, it looks like you're trying to indirectly insult me. And maybe you really don't mean to. I doubt that it was unintentional, I don't really care, but if that's true, you really should work on your timing... Can you give some examples? I can think of explicit Communists who are adults who have not really amounted to much for themselves. A very sad kind of depression. But if you mean people who "lurch left", those people I usually find to be mistaken politically speaking but have none
  20. The same provision for a ship at sea on international waters, would be a good place to start.
  21. What happens if Russia makes a stink? What happens if a future POTUS says different? What happens if anyone sues on the basis of the treaty? What provision is there for protecting rights in space?
  22. whyNOT Many legal born domestic Americans, which are spoiled, entitled, and lazy, are less "American" in the foundational and fundamental ways that matter, than are you. America is an idea, and they have lost it to the vices and weakness of childhood which they have not escaped... associated with the infantalization of the American adult.. leftism is a natural center of gravity for failed adults, manchildren, so the lurch to the left is almost no surprise. In any case you, as indeed Rand herself was, are more American in spirit, than the many unamericans born within America's b
  23. In this new episode we explore the nature of consciousness and the will. We attempt to define and describe them in relation to the ideas of Rand, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Take a break from politics and come introspect with us!
  24. And Eiuol, Since you keep implicitly returning to the theme "this guy's in South Africa, what business does he have meddling in American affairs". Let me be blunt. This post-modernist, Leftist, neo-Marxist disease which took root and grew in the USA from a long line of Continental and local philosophers (if you'd bother to study Stephen Hicks) has spread here. We are infected. Ideas travel fast, the vile ones fastest. What you hear and see there is largely mimicked here. Only one aspect which had become pretty relaxed, is worsening race relations. This tiny minority of whites, overall res
  25. Okay. And whatever or however one goes about it I strongly advise not to get your "sense of the actual cultural heartbeat of America"- from the source that used to be a little more reliable. The media. Your msm. They are morally culpable of and responsible for negating America and inculcating the new sense of self-doubt and cynicism in Americans. As is the film industry.
  26. That's not what I'm criticizing, I was criticizing that I get a big sense of inauthenticity. Inauthenticity because on the one hand you talk as if you know what America is like and what makes it so great, but on the other hand I honestly don't understand how you could know but not immigrate. I'm telling you I don't get it. The best I have is that you would understand a lot better what I'm saying if you actually experienced America. That isn't to say you need to see every instance of every person in my country to know anything. It's important to know the countries we are talking about, not just
  27. All this smacks of "the sanction of evil". You don't lower yourself and ideals to mix with 'the enemy'. You all know the sad tale. When David Kelley addressed (wow!) libertarians, was why Peikoff hit back and they broke off relations. Peikoff accused DK's "subjectivism", Kelley responded with LP's "intrinsicism". The libertarian (nearly all, esp. the non-leftists) "enemy" are people we could do with many more of, intellectually and in politics/economics, today. So LP turned out wrong, I think. Are we going over that ground again?
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