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  2. I answered your questions. I mean, your first three questions were a misunderstanding and I pointed that out. The last question I answered was that I had no reason or evidence to believe your claim that ex-felons would be pressure to vote Democrat. I guess birthday presents are conditional and therefore bribes, because I don't get to choose cash on hand instead. Yes that is a condition, but it's not what we're talking about... We're talking about conditions on the cause, not conditions on the effect.
  3. Many people are familiar, through the movie Catch Me if You Can, with the Hollywood version of the story of Frank Abagnale, the young, international con man who eventually turned his life around professionally and personally to become a productive, well-regarded security consultant and a family man. The story is very interesting and it is inspiring to know that it is possible in some circumstances for someone to see the error of his ways, make fundamental changes, and achieve meaningful success. The movie dramatizes this general arc, but it left me wondering. How did he become motivated to ch
  4. Dude, do you really not understand the difference between "condition" and "conditional"? Self, ignore him(?). You have seen how much he(?) ignores your questions. Ditto to you. Bye.
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  6. Thanks! A comprehensive and accurate summation that took some effort to collate, I bet. One minor correction, I believe that's "not leaving any ~earned~ guilt uncorrected".
  7. For anyone following this and helping me grapple with some of my reading. I've just posted an outline of this entire essay here: I'm currently reading OPAR and realized that I'm better off approaching studying Rand's works while keeping more of the context in mind. This essay was just a brief outline of the ethics, so getting deep into related questions was not the most productive. Looking forward to further discussions.
  8. An outline of the essay from 'Virtue of Selfishness.' Morality or ethics is a code of values to guide man's choices and actions (these determine the purpose and course of his life). Ethics (as a science) deals with discovering and defining this code. Prerequisite: why does man need a code of values? History of Ethics Historically moralists have regarded ethics as the province of feeling: (1) the traditional mystic, religious morality where the "will of God" is the standard of value and validation
  9. Dude, do you really not understand what "conditional" means? You know, something like "I will pay your fine if..." as opposed to "I will pay your fine". You are entirely dropping the context if you start talking about "I will pay your fines but not give you cash to do whatever you want" as if it's the same as "I will pay your fines only if you follow my instructions, otherwise you will not have your fines paid". I don't care if you disagree, but at least don't be so obtuse... Anyway, I find the assumption that ex-convicts would vote Democrat by large margins to be pretty stupid. I t
  10. "In November 2018, Florida voters passed Amendment 4, a measure that restores voting rights to certain felons (nearly 1.4 million people) once they have served their sentences, including parole and probation. Those convicted of murder and sexual offenses remain unable to vote. In March 2019, a state law was passed that limits Amendment 4. That law requires former felons to either pay all fees that they owe as part of their case or get their sentence modified in order to register to vote. At the time of its passing, this law prevented nearly 775,000 felons from voting." https://www.fi
  11. "Ex-felon" is an interesting term. Felonies are serious crimes and felons were found guilty by juries of their peers. Does a murderer become an "ex-murderer" after their term in prison for their latest murder?
  12. I didn’t ask what you know or anybody else knows with certainty about something that hasn’t yet happened. I asked you about a probability. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Definition of "condition." The word “receiving” is not on that page.
  13. I ousted this over on Harry Binswanger’s board to get a critique of this response that I have written to my friend. Was curious what Objectivists here think about this response. Below, I will summarize what Mr. Binswanger said in reply. To see his actual post you will have to sign up at his website, which I highly recommend. A conflict of rights? I wrote this as a response to a friend. I am wanting to know if my response is coherent or flawed. One man is paying taxes that go towards welfare. Immigrants are coming over, which allows certain policies to drive up the cos
  14. I'm saying that no one knows what the distribution is Right, because you gave me no evidence. A condition is a condition for receiving the thing, not a condition on what the thing is...
  15. Over at Reason Magazine is a pretty good summary of California's government-induced energy shortage. Perhaps one of the most striking things about the article is the insistence on the part of green energy advocate Amol Phadke that battery power is the way around the inherent unreliability of solar and wind power. Batteries are cheaper now, but they are nowhere near as ready as environmentalists would have you believe. . (Image by Claudio Schwartz, via Unsplash, license.) Phadke thinks the solution is for California to build even more solar power plants and invest more money in giant batte
  16. Part of 60 Minutes last night was about ex-felons being able to vote in Florida. I learned that the record-keeping for knowing whether on not an ex-felon has outstanding fines & whatever, or even how many $$ they are, is atrocious. Regardless, in my view, that does not justify bribery. Fix the eligibility rules for ex-felons to vote by changing the law and cleaning up the mess. Click on the part of the page linked above about this matter. Then the new page includes another link to see the 60 Minutes episode. The main guest is President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.
  17. Really? Are you trying to say that the probability of the ex-felons' votes is 50% Democrat and 50% Republican or close to that? If so: 1. What is your evidence or justification for that? 2. Do you really believe that Michael Bloomberg believes in a 50%/50% probability (or close)? If yes, why would the Trump hater be willing to spend $$millions to enable the ex-felons to vote? 3. Do you really believe that ActBlue -- committed to electing Democrats and channeling money to Florida Rights Restoration to enable ex-felons to vote --believes in a 50%/50% probability (or close)?
  18. What's coming next for the left, the Democrat Party, the mainstream news, Hollywood, social media companies and the globalist elite will not be affected in any meaningful way by the assassination or natural death of Donald Trump, except to trigger contingency planning that will fast-track their destruction and make it much more brutal.
  19. And sunny days only, too! You saw the thoughts on this matter from the head of the Executive Branch of the US government. Every day he is briefed on yet more information that you and I will never know about. But let's see if Bloomberg keeps it up or never does it again.
  20. Democratic and Republican Party mechanisms for replacing a presidential or vice-presidential nominee in the 2020 election—like if a candidate dies or otherwise gets really incapacitated by, say, a stroke. I imagine with Trump or Biden as winner, but dead or otherwise out, the winning Party would promote their VP winner to Pres and fill the VP spot with, well, with someone. I just found this out. I hope that if Mr. Trump wins (incumbent Presidents usually do), he will not die before taking office. That way Speaker Pelosi and President Pence could get better acquainted, if I understand correctly
  21. It certainly wouldn't convince me to change how I vote if they are doing the just thing (it is just that ex-convicts have the right to vote). Most people do something because of some kind of incentive towards their values. There is literally no incentive provided by Bloomberg. There is no gain whatsoever for voting Democrat or Republican. Evidence would be nice.
  22. This is an irrefutable presuppositionalist (or, transcendental) argument against determinism, but it is not an attempt to reconcile physics with free will, as the OP requested. You can find my own such attempt here: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/4EbnT8uTcJKGDwNj4/philosophical-theory-with-an-empirical-prediction
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  24. In any case I don't think Bloomberg will be charged with indiscriminately paying fines and fees imposed upon and intended to be suffered by the individual criminals, which is probably not a crime. Rather, I think he only paid the fines and fees of those felons who are Democrats or known to vote Democrat and he thereby can be charged with election interference. Top law enforcement officer of the land says ... My bet is on Bloomberg not doing any more of it.
  25. Has anyone ever done something random and nice for you and later you felt positively toward them?
  26. What conditions are you talking about? There is no implication or requirement that any of them vote for Biden or vote Democrat. If they vote Trump, nothing will happen. You're just being pedantic or deliberately dense about what the meaning of "condition" is. It's not a nudge towards who to vote for. There is literally no advantage to vote Democrat. Worse than that, it probably won't even work in the way he would hope, because we have no idea how many ex-convicts would vote Republican or Democrat.
  27. Notice that no one brings up efficacy. Instead only is it ethical, is it legal. If Trump had done what Bloomberg did someone would bring up efficacy, specifically, lack of reason to believe it could work for him at all would be brought up, here and elsewhere. But I have seen no one doubt the efficacy of Bloomberg's actions. And that is because no one sincerely doubts that felonious scum will need only a small nudge to vote for fellow felonious, seditious, treasonous scum.
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