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  2. Dave, you speak an Indo-European language, but your language has 6000 years of new meanings reflected in the many nuances of simple words and the very many new words that did not exist 4000 BCE. Yet, all of our words evolved from those. I especially liked this: "Then what is the mental fodder for reasoning which leads to this chain of conclusions?" "Fodder for reasoning" is highly symbolic. It is analogy, of course, perhaps also metaphor. "Analogy" and "metaphor" are Greek words, of course. There is a hobby of using old English. Look up "Star Wyes." Astronomy would be "heavenlore" and fic
  3. There's a disconnect here. The man who advocates rising back up when knocked down should not be one that views his life as a failure. ... just sayin'.
  4. I strongly disagree. You do have the option of running off into the wilderness and being a subsistence farmer anytime you want to. Just because it's not the easiest or most fun option (even today) does not make it cease to exist nor entitle anybody to anything they haven't earned! It's really weird to hear (presumably) a non-Communist getting cozy with that line of reasoning, but in case you've forgotten... If you're claiming the right to "storm castles" simply because you feel you need to - so does any burglar! So let's not start imagining that peacefully walking away (in any form
  5. Yesterday
  6. Does anyone know about the politics and economics of the Blue Estate development planned for the Caribbean?
  7. Yep. Even in the nightmare I knew that wood should not ripple like water when a solid object hits it and was able to work out that it had to be a dream-wall.
  8. Secession is for politically defeated groups. Most individuals don't have the luxury of walking away from a labor-divided city, state or nation. They must stay and fight the system they hate. There is an extremely high barrier for entry into the marketplace of the self-exiled. Sometimes it's easier to make a living by storming castles.
  9. If the name Arnold Bennett sounds familiar to you, it could be either because of a recent Deep Questions podcast by Cal Newport, a couple of podcasts from Alex Epstein's Human Flourishing Project, or (unlike me so far), you've read his How to Live on 24 Hours a Day. Both Newport and Epstein hold him in high regard, but the following passage of his might seem troubling at first glance, particularly after a year of pandemic ... existence: Image by Tania Melnyczuk, via Unsplash, license. You don't eat immediately on your arrival home. But in about an hour or so you feel as if you could sit u
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you recall if in your dream you thought the wall was odd or if that was an evaluation you made after waking? It sounds like you realized you were dreaming because you thought the wall's reaction was not consistent with reality. I think that's sort of what triggered my lucid dream. I started realizing that my time-traveling wasn't possible in reality, so I must be dreaming. Styx doesn't offer a theory as to why he became self-aware in his dream, but it sounds like maybe he was triggered by realizing that he could will things to change around him, whic
  11. Trying to break this ¬objectivity¬ distinction (from the common parlance about the media) down: Rand: "Objectivity is both a metaphysical and an epistemological concept. It pertains to the relationship of consciousness to existence. Metaphysically, it is the recognition of the fact that reality exists independent of any perceiver’s consciousness". Whereas, Press "objectivity" in reportage is entirely ¬dependent¬ upon the "perceiver's consciousness" - on people's minds, emotions and memories. Individuals who usually do not hold to reality existing independent of their minds. At
  12. Right, on federal property. I apologize for the oversight. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/biden-signs-3-executive-orders-mask-mandate-social-distancing-federal-property-racial-equity-rejoins-paris-climate-accord-video/ Not in any hurry, is he.
  13. I'm okay with indulging in some whataboutism. 2017: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/video-exclusive-film-crew-releases-never-seen-footage-2017-inauguration-riots/ Although not as bad as the Capitol attack, which, in turn, who can think was anything comparable to 9/11? (like some drama queens feel). Keeping a sense of proportion is every bit Objectivist, I believe.
  14. OCON 2021 - Austin ~Celebrating 30 Years of OPAR~
  15. In his book to issue this spring, James G. Lennox "argues that Aristotle has a richly normative view of scientific inquiry, and that those norms are of two kinds: a general, question-guided framework applicable to all scientific inquiries, and domain-specific norms reflecting differences in the target of inquiry and in the means of observation available to researchers. To see these norms of inquiry in action, the second half of this book examines Aristotle's investigations of animals, the soul, material compounds, the motions of heavenly bodies, and respiration." That book is Aristotle on
  16. Three on page three. And also... This made me literally laugh out loud.
  17. Congrats on successfully learning how to do it! I started lucid dreaming when I was a teenager. As a child I used to have really awful night terrors about random things (I think one of the recurring ones involved "growling owls" I'd seen in some kid's movie) and although they became more infrequent, they never really stopped or became any less terrible as I got older. But at some point when I was a teenager I realized in the middle of a nightmare that it was, in fact, just a nightmare. It's funny; I can remember that dream but not what grade I was in at the time. I was bein
  18. Last week
  19. Quite. Objectivity is a misnomer for O'ists looking at "Press objectivity". The newspaper people would laugh if Objectvists informed them of its fundamental meaning. No, they'd agree, this absolutist objectivity is an impossible aim in our work. As I'm getting at, human restraints, time and space restraints, profits and Editorial Policy limit them, even with the best of intentions. The best they can aim for I think is tell the facts (as accurately as possible) and outside of Opinion pieces NOT tell us their moralizing of the facts (which has become their No. 1 activity, since facts are ac
  20. Oh, absolutely. I wouldn't try to defend almost any of his public opponents; most of them are worse. We'll see...
  21. Ha! I think the opposite and I'll take the bet. I had not expected perfection of your ex-president, like I never do of any leader any place. But I understood two essentials: his highest regard for the independent good of Americans and a US not confined (sacrificially) to perform its traditional duty to the world - AND - the completely horrible people he opposed who opposed him and that same US independence. Those two poles I have never found cause to move from, in all that has transpired. You'll see. The horribles are only going to reveal themselves further, in the coming months, in
  22. Since I've never personally tried to apply our own concept of "objectivity" to the media before (it's just not a priority for me) the only thing I can point out is that doesn't seem to be the way you're using "objectivity" right there.
  23. I think that kind of thinking is one of the main factors that got us into this mess. SOME Democrats (like AOC) want to set up a racial/sexual/whatever caste system and SOME Democrats (like Bernie Sanders and possibly Joe Biden) are willing to go along with it. Not all Democrats are like that; have you listened to interviews with Andrew Yang? And some Republicans want to prohibit all immigration and establish an official state religion. The fact that we have two primary political parties does not mean that we have two primary ideologies at work in the culture. We have quite
  24. Firstly, I think you might want to brush up on what was happening a year or two ago, before COVID. Although it was decidedly better than things are now (most of which actually was not Trump's fault) we weren't exactly living in Galt's Gulch. The race issue, for one, came to public prominence under (and I'd argue because of) Barack Obama and has only gone downhill from there, regardless of Trump. Secondly, a loser is bad enough, but a poor loser is the worst; a loser who just can't handle their own loss. A loser who has no qualms about whipping everyone up into a paranoid frenzy
  25. The innumerable intricate doings, inter-actions and responses of humanity is the central purpose of the media. There never was or can be an absolute, objective truth to a story, unless anyone thinks human facts are simple, and humans are perfect witnesses, absolutely truthful and themselves, objective. A newspaper etc., only ¬trying¬ to apply those objective standards to every story which arises, would not be able to properly function to publish other stories, lose readers and advertisers and so lose profits. As well as his profit motive, a publisher isn't duty-bound to publish a story which c
  26. I'll bet you $20 that a year from now you won't have anything nice to say about him either.
  27. And what about HIS empathy? Empathy for anyone who wasn't born here would be a nice start, but what about his empathy for the people who died on January Sixth? The people who will now have permanent criminal records because they believed in and wanted to please him? How about all the people who he has now convinced that America is fundamentally broken and don't know what they can do about it, or any of the still-sane onlookers who've noticed how damn scary his supporters are becoming? What about any of the millions of Americans who did, in fact, vote for Joe Biden? Hell, how about some em
  28. Technically. Sixty-four days after he should've conceded, the day after his mob showed everyone the true nature of their "patriotism" and two weeks before such a gesture would've ceased to be relevant anyway. If he's gonna throw all the exceptions and qualifications he can into any admission he deigns to make then I'm not gonna accept them without a few qualifications of my own. So I guess he technically did admit to technically losing. I do. When I talk about his "endearing mannerisms" that's my own attempt to fairly represent some of the things that I know I liked about hi
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