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  2. Those do sound less serious. I agree the law should be changed because a handful of those 3rd degree felonies should only be misdemeanors or even not crimes at all. Not a great choice, agreed. Word Nazi? Like forcing you to use honest words? Never! In fact I look forward to your use of ‘ex-murderer’ once it becomes fashionable.
  3. As much as there exists Capitalism in the US by laissez-faire standards, the economic choice is this: https://trishintel.com/trish-this-election-is-a-simple-choice-capitalism-vs-socialism/
  4. I've already explained to you that this is not what I think. I said that no one knows what the distribution will be. I said that the first time you asked about it. Right, and I explained how this is not vote buying. I quoted the definition you gave. I said fines. I did not include fees, costs, or other restitution. I do not believe that fines are ever any kind of justice, just a means of making crime into simple cost. How did you get from me specifically talking about fines into me talking about all financial obligations related to punishment of crime?
  5. A lengthy article on election advertising includes a passage that probably resonates well beyond the group it discusses: "We assumed it would be a mover spot, and it just wasn't," McIntosh said. The video had the adverse effect of pushing away not just moderate voters, but also many Democratic-base voters, particularly young people, who find politics tiresome and irrelevant to their lives. "The folks who are younger, they're more skeptical. They're oftentimes just kind of like, Oh, I haven't had the best luck in life. They don't make a ton of money. They haven't got a college degree," said Sa
  6. It is even more stupid for you to assert a priori that the probability is necessarily 50%/50% simply because there are two possibilities. If you believe that is necessary, I will be glad to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn. The sale would be conditional on the condition that you pay the full price in cash in advance. ... Mere assertion, no evidence. Vote buying is a form of bribery (link). Fines may be the main form of punishment for a third degree felony. Yet fines are only a part of the financial obligation required to be paid in Florida to restore the right to vot
  7. Per here third degree felonies include “possession of drugs such as cocaine, oxycodone or a 20-gram surplus of marijuana” If you believe possessing a little cocaine, a little oxycodone, or a 20-gram surplus of marijuana is a “serious crime”, that’s your choice. My using “traffic tickets” was not a great choice of words. But maybe enough speeding tickets, a suspended license, and driving on a suspended license is a third degree felony in Florida. Common usage of “ex-felon” is someone who has been convicted of a felony but who has served his or her entire sentence and is no longer unde
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  9. "No issue" is not a fair way to put it. Or at least, the dispute began here with merjet claiming it was a bribe. Bloomberg can be condemned in terms of pandering, or in terms of him being a pragmatic hypocrite, or that he is not transparent about what he thinks. Doesn't mean that he did something illegal or did something he should be legally punished for. He didn't initiate force or coerce people, and that's what counts. This is hardball politics. See, now this resembles something of a coherent argument, rather than the bizarre argument that Bloomberg somehow is offering bribes (merje
  10. For those with no issue with Bloomberg’s actions: The fines were imposed following a legitimate judicial process and trial by a jury of peers. The fines were intended to be suffered by the guilty, just as their terms in prison were intended to be suffered by the guilty. Would you have any issue with a charity volunteer doing the time in prison in place of the actual, guilty felon? If yes, why exactly are you happy to nullify a legitimate judicial punishment (monetary portion) but not the imprisonment portion? You can’t say to keep Society safe because these are non-violent felons, th
  11. Do you say “a person who has served time for murder and is now free” when you refer to a murderer? They are felons.
  12. Then say "people who have served time for felonies but are now free ".
  13. That part of the post was about if it would even be an effective strategy for Democrats to possibly get more votes. It would be stupid for you or Bloomberg or anyone else to think that most ex-convicts would vote Democrat without any evidence to back it up. "Any reward given to a person for voting in a particular way or for not voting can be called vote buying." What reward? Their fines are being paid regardless of how they vote. Their fines will still be paid if they vote Republican. Their fines will still be paid if they don't vote. In other words, there is no reward for voting or
  14. Yet Bloomberg restored only a very small fraction of 1.5 million, because he was very selective. That selectivity will form the essence of election fraud charges against him after Trump begins his second term. Bloomberg is willing to do this because he is fighting for his life, he simply will not survive the purge of criminal scum that is coming in term two.
  15. Felonies are serious crimes. Traffic tickets are not felonies. There is no such thing as an “ex-felon,” just as there is no such thing as an “ex-murderer,” (except for a murderer who is no longer breathing.) Living felons are felons, period.
  16. Desmond Meade is President and Executive Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC). FRRC is a 501(c)(4) using ActBlue Charities, a 501(c)(3), as a "front" to get contributors tax savings for donating to FRRC. Donations to a 501(c)(4) are not tax-deductible.
  17. I watched the debate last night. What a raucous. The local suburban paper’s headline was Wildfire in Cleveland! In the debate President Trump said Biden called some criminal drug dealers “Superpredators.” I read somewhere that was mistaken because it was Hillary Clinton. Trump did say Biden’s treatment of black people was awful, but he could have hit Biden even harder for Biden’s role in making drug laws. Reason Magazine’s November 2020 issue has two articles ‘The Case Against Trump’ and ‘The Case Against Biden.’ https://reason.com/magazine/ Digital subscribers can read them onl
  18. Some history on Florida — from the FLORIDA TIMES UNION — October 6, 2016 With a month to go until the November election, a new report estimates that nearly 1.5 million Floridians will be barred from casting ballots due to past felony convictions. Those 1.5 million people make up more than one fifth of the national total of disenfranchised ex-felons, according to the report, released Thursday by a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, The Sentencing Project. The rate of disenfranchisement is especially pronounced when looking at Florida’s black population. Twenty-seven percent of the
  19. In addition to her inerrant advice, one of the things that keeps me coming back to Miss Manners is her occasional gentle (and often humorous) demolition of boorish behavior. The gentleness spares the blushes of anyone who may genuinely think, in this age-without-norms, that what they propose is polite behavior. The humor makes the advice memorable and helps the rest of us remain sane. Case in point is a recent letter titled, "Leave Your Water Bottle at Home." Whether the letter-writer is genuinely confused (plausible, given the fashion of practicing environmentalism as conspicuously as possi
  20. [1] My second and third questions concerned the motives of Michael Bloomberg and ActBlue. Your answer ignored both entirely. So what do you believe their motives are – pure charity or vote-buying? Also, what do you believe about what Michael Bloomberg and ActBlue believe the probabilities of the newly enabled ex-felons voting Republican or Democrat? This is not about how you believe the ex-felons would vote, but about what Bloomberg and ActBlue principals believe. [2] Where did you get that garbage? I have said nothing even slightly similar. You owe me an apology. What I dislike is t
  21. Boydstun


    SPARTACUS - Khachaturian Svetlana Zakharova as Aegina (9 min.) Choreographer - Yuri Grigorovich https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO-y-N9aNCM&fbclid=IwAR0Zd-yWtcNuHWbNSLMSSR9XFvqJp60Ge2otE3oEsbbaJjQ6mXYZZ6be5F4
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  23. Well what question would you like me to answer more clearly? Can you rephrase your question then, rather than pulling a Nicky? Not directly, but you are saying things about gifts, suggesting that what someone offers as a gift is "conditional" in the same sense as needing to do something in order to receive the gift. You have conflated conditions of a cause with conditions of an effect. Just read DO's post. Either that, or say what you mean: what you actually don't like is that ex-convicts are being given help in order to vote for whoever the hell they want (Bloomberg might hope
  24. I disagree and said nothing about birthday presents.
  25. I answered your questions. I mean, your first three questions were a misunderstanding and I pointed that out. The last question I answered was that I had no reason or evidence to believe your claim that ex-felons would be pressure to vote Democrat. I guess birthday presents are conditional and therefore bribes, because I don't get to choose cash on hand instead. Yes that is a condition, but it's not what we're talking about... We're talking about conditions on the cause, not conditions on the effect.
  26. Many people are familiar, through the movie Catch Me if You Can, with the Hollywood version of the story of Frank Abagnale, the young, international con man who eventually turned his life around professionally and personally to become a productive, well-regarded security consultant and a family man. The story is very interesting and it is inspiring to know that it is possible in some circumstances for someone to see the error of his ways, make fundamental changes, and achieve meaningful success. The movie dramatizes this general arc, but it left me wondering. How did he become motivated to ch
  27. Dude, do you really not understand the difference between "condition" and "conditional"? Self, ignore him(?). You have seen how much he(?) ignores your questions. Ditto to you. Bye.
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