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  2. A use of classical chaos (not quantum chaos or quantum regular) in brains, not for free will function (at least in this paper), but for accomplishing perception: How Brains Make Chaos in order to Make Sense of the World (1987) by Skarda and Freeman. Walter Freeman is also the author of How Brains Make Up Their Minds (2000).
  3. I don’t think the study does show that. In order to show how the brain uses anything, you have to have a functioning brain, whereas that study simply performed physical tests on a protein extracted from the brains of one or more dead pigs. They studied absorption and emission spectra, extracting numbers about “fluorescence quantum yield”, and they make no suggestions about “consciousness”. There is a substantial quantum leap from this physical study to speculations about consciousness and an even further leap to get to free will. Microtubules are ubiquitous in living things, only one type of which exhibits free will and only a few of which are conscious. This is a thing that I hate about popular science, that ordinary low-level scientific process is inflated (in the popular press) to a status not supported by the actual experiment. The article does contribute something useful, by way of better explaining how the brain can rapidly “compute”.
  4. The thread is based on Gene Roddenberry’s Transporter a device in a script for a television series he started shopping around in 1964. The magical part was reference to the Standard Model not being standard until the 70’s, so in your context of incorrect but right answers being wrong, always, when based on so called mystical thinking should pertain to what are unproven or arbitrary claims. The discussion as it has evolved has touched on the aspect of creativity in bringing hypothesis into being. Einstein said his happiest thought was when he realized that if one experienced a situation of ‘free fall’ that one would experience the appearance of the absence of gravitational forces which sent him off into many of his further thought experiments. The experience of ‘person’ perspective of awareness is an explorable phenomenon for man on earth such exploration could lead to a tighter integration of the ideas advanced in the OP, no?
  5. Two news stories yesterday perfectly illustrate the moral bankruptcy of today's American foreign policy. In the first, the Associated Press reports the death of the President of Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, and who himself has been called the "Butcher of Tehran" for carrying out mass executions of political prisoners in 1988 for that barbarous, outlaw theocracy:"We don't anticipate any change in Iranian behavior, and therefore, the Iranians should not expect any change in American behavior when it comes to holding them accountable," White House national security spokesman John Kirby said. Kirby added the U.S. expects the change in Iran's leadership will not change Iran's support of Hamas, Hezbollah or the Yemen-based Houthis who have targeted commercial shipping vessels in region in the region since the start of the war in Gaza. He added that U.S. officials expect Iran to continue supplying Russia with drones and other weaponry for its war in Ukraine. [bold added]The second story shows what a farce the phrase holding them accountable above is:The State Department offered its condolences Monday after the deaths of two Iranian leaders, including the Islamic Republic's president, a "baffling" move considering Iran's well-known human rights abuses, a human rights lawyer says.Cropped from image by unknown photographer, via Wikimedia Commons, license.Didn't the Administration just claim a big "win" with the passage of funding to aid Israel (which Iran recently attacked with hundreds of drones and missiles) and Ukraine in their respective wars? Why in hell are we even speaking to Iran, much less sending condolences regarding the death of such an evil person? And, while we're bringing up (hundreds of) things our President and his lapdog media seem to have forgotten, let's observe that Iran has been in a state of war against the United States ever since it attacked our embassy in 1979. Ignoring that hasn't worked out very well. Ignoring every escalation since hasn't, either. When I described our foreign policy as bankrupt earlier, I had been about to call it brainless, but then wondered whether gutless was better. But courage requires an appreciation of danger and a need to act that only a rational assessment can lead to. The fact that it was our technology and tactics that saved Israel from Iran's barrage -- which should have been a red carpet for a convoy of bombers to Tehran -- shows that we aren't brainless. So, America has the mind required to appreciate the evil of the regime in Iran and has already developed the means to destroy it. Only a lack of conviction can explain the actions of the State Department yesterday. If everything Iran has done since its "revolution" in 1979 hasn't been enough to draw a rebuke from America and a plan to destroy its military capabilities and topple its theocracy, one wonders what it would take to do so. If an offer of condolence is an empty gesture, why bother? If not, why make it in this case? As wrong as Neville Chamberlain was to believe that giving Hitler what he wanted (at the moment) would cause him to stop, at least he believed (or pretended to believe) he was helping bring about peace. Your guess is as good as mine as to what our government hopes to accomplish by half-heartedly supporting the good side in two wars overseas -- while treating the country waging one of those wars and allying itself with Russia in the other as if it is anything other than the walking dead. Continuing to treat Iran as if it is a civilized country is far more valuable to it -- and a greater act of treason to the good side in an undeclared war -- than handing over Austria ever was to Adolf Hitler. -- CAVLink to Original
  6. "Magical" thinking. Go away, this is how science comes into existence. Einstein created General and Special Relativity originally via thought experiment and every instance of every idea presented is rooted in experiment and established science, just had to get rid of the contradictions in various theories, correct them, and make them completely consistent with reality. And all of that coming from a guy above that keeps resorting to blatant mysticism in many of his comments while also attacking every reality based philosophical principle and trying to replace it with mysticism in his mind. People should recognize what you are doing and stop conversations with you immediately. Which is what I'm going to do from this point forward as you've shown the inability to think rationally and reality based.
  7. So my prodding will help to advance human knowledge? Derailing a thread on a thought experiment based on prescientific magical thinking , means getting Stacks TM is now possible? Predictions based on the hypothesis have been shown experimentally and are repeatable?
  8. In other words, derail a thread, an entire forum, and a conversation that lead to the advancement of human knowledge on a historical scale.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I’d have thought you’d rather a discussion centered on man on earth.
  11. You see the level of conversation that we had about this in the past (6 years ago now) and it's being buried by the trivial and irrelevant. For what it's worth I now know the way around mind transfer via finishing my entire theory and it involves more than just entanglement but also the fact that ER = EPR. But this conversation sparked the completion of the Final Theory of Physics.
  12. But.. Aristotle and Aryan start with .. I liked the mention of decorative frog statuettes( ? ) that floated after the salt dissolved, even more interactive than Chia pets lol.
  13. Using the 1995 Loeb text I see no problems with the translation (though some say "pale" is better than "white). Whiteness doesn't make for beauty in a man or in a horse; these are simply examples of attributes an entity might have.
  14. I've read about something called "lucid dreaming" which might be worth looking into if we're going to talk about dreams.
  15. Though I can't vouch for the scholarship or authenticity the name given as translator is the name of a translator of Aristotle. (I do think the item mistakenly attributes to Aristotle recognition of white as a beautiful aspect of man,pretty sure he was talking about the horse,lol). But in regards to old time thoughts on dreams : http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/dreams.html I would think there is an intuitive sense of the mind or intellect being "situated in" the head based on sense organ placement, no? A rudimentary intuitive engineering schema, put the stuff you need right where you need it? I think though the 'host' spot of the soul, an old timey concept could really go anywhere. There may be something to the idea that 'modernity' has changed our semantic description of or even perhaps conditioned our apprehension of the 'person' perspective of various states of consciousness, but with my newly acquired ochre colored glasses I am hyperfocused on awareness, on the subjectivity of experience and I do not see that as differing even when dreaming. I can sense that when coming out of dream state and trying to re-enter I will try and guide the content to reengage especially a dream I felt as pleasant. But for most of remembered dream experience, it is as though "I" am subject to all the vagaries of cause and effect while being 'present' in the dream.
  16. I’ll try. The most basic component of reason is sense perception, it is what reason acts on and reduces to. Sense perception is not voluntary, that is, you cannot decide “I didn’t see that”. Concepts are created on the basis of sense perception, and concepts are unquestionably chosen, and highly variable (they are specific to a particular language since language – the word – is the file folder that organized definitions). That is 1/3 of the volitional part. Finally we have logic. The elements of logic are much fewer than the set of concepts which are open-ended, but they still must be recognized and chosen. We (here) choose to accept the three fundamental laws of logic identified by Plato and Aristotle (identity, non-contradiction, and excluded middle) but not everyone makes that choice. Even if identity and non-contradiction are ultimately inescapable, we still are not born knowing these laws (I’m taking the Lockian line), not to mention the handful of other secondary laws of logic that actually play a role in reasoning. So that is two out of three aspects of the faculty of reason that must be learned.
  17. No comment https://www.jns.org/biden-ends-the-us-israel-alliance-at-a-fortuitous-moment/
  18. No, it hasn't. Yet. Read carefully your own quotations. Your activism blinds you.
  19. Let me elaborate that paragraph even further.
  20. @tadmjones There is something about dreaming I experience, and I was wondering if this is also evident to you in your dreams. It is as though there are two selves involved. One is behind the theater making up storylines, and the other is experiencing the story, being anxious, surprised, and so forth as the story (meandering stories and shifting identities of characters in the stories) unfolds. You mentioned dreams coming from our minds. I mentioned that some things from experience in the preceding waking period show up as material used by the dream maker. Dreams have a deliciousness about them, and when we come awake out of them, it is fun (and often amusing) to exchange dreams with a friend or lover. That much seems a constant with humans over thousands of years, but in old times, people did not seem to have our modern sense that the dream is coming from ourselves. Rather, the dream is a story being created and communicated by something beyond oneself. So I wonder if our first-person experience of dreams is colored by our waking, third-person understanding of dreams and their situation within the daily cycle of life experience. This reminds me of the way we think of our mental selves as being located in our heads, whereas, in old times, if I understand correctly, people thought of their mind-self as being in their heart or in their breath. Separately from all that, I suggest that in comparing one's experience in dreams with experience in waking experience, think about specific dreams you have had and not some widely used general conceptions of what it is like to be in a dream. By the way, I composed a poem that runs together scenes from my actual dreams and from waking life across my past (ending with a very early boyhood memory from waking life). That poem is "Dream to Sleep"* (where of course the sleep by the end and in the title is metaphor for death). My poems themselves have a dream-like quality to them if they are at all narrative. There is something common to our dreaming and some of our waking creative states.
  21. The ICJ has issued arrest warrants for both Hamas leaders and Israeli leaders:
  22. "The fact of birth is an absolute -- that is, up to that moment, the child is not an independent, living organism. It's part of the body of the mother. But at birth, a child is an individual, and has the rights inherent in the nature of a human individual." -- Ayn Rand*** A report at Popular Information reveals the the still-growing threat anti-abortion theocrats pose to reproductive-age women in Louisiana. The headline is bad enough: "Louisiana Lawmakers Insist Child Rape Victims Must Carry Their Pregnancy to Term." Yes. An attempt to add an exemption to the state's abortion ban for minors who have been victims of rape was shot down. But the real news is a proposal covered a bit later:Anti-abortion lawmakers in Louisiana are also pushing a bill that would classify abortion medication as Schedule IV drugs, the same treatment as opioids. If the bill becomes law, Louisiana would be the first state in the country to classify mifepristone and misoprostol as controlled dangerous substances. Under Senate Bill 276, anyone who possesses mifepristone or misoprostol -- the two pills used in a medication abortion -- without a valid prescription could face up to "five years in prison and $5,000 in fines." The bill includes an exemption for pregnant women who use the drugs for their "own consumption." But it still makes acquiring abortion drugs for future use -- a practice known as advanced provision -- effectively illegal. If you live in Louisiana (or any other red state) and have a daughter, pay attention to this. The article goes on to note that -- on top of violating the rights of women -- such a move will pose problems for anyone who needs mifepristone or misoprostol (which is often used with it for medical abortions) for other reasons, and complicate prenatal care. This is horrible news, but unsurprising: By being fundamentally mistaken about what constitutes a human life, anti-abortionists are trampling over the rights of actual human beings as they instead protect the imagined rights of potential human beings. -- CAVLink to Original
  23. Yes that is quite the trick, a little leaky though ,lol, at least in the mammals I’ve known. One of our dogs used to run sleep, and another was a dream yipper. I remember some episodes as a youngster of sleep walking , the last few decades I developed the habit of finding myself propped up on my elbow after have been asleep, surprised I don’t have nerve damage the wrist isn’t designed to be in that position ,lol. Freud is speaking to the content of the movie , I’m still concerned here commenting on the subjective experience.
  24. Last week
  25. Tad, we are able to put our first-person awareness together with our third-person observation of brain conditions, at least with a little help from our friends. Neuropsychology It is only in the waking state that one has straight awareness of existence, which is sensibly taken as the focal sense of consciousness relative to which all other corners of consciousness are ancillary. Sleeping is necessary to remain sane in the waking state. What Freud call "day residue" is part of the material in our dreams, and one can learn to identify such material from the previous waking period put into a new twist in one's dreams for dreams one is able to remember upon waking. Dreams are in service of good waking awareness, which is directing actions. Possibility of action while asleep is unplugged (specific brain disconnection) normally during sleep for obvious safety advantage. The manifest content of our dreams, by the way, has been shown to be overwhelmingly about social relations. The functions of sleep and dreams continue to be uncovered by scientific research. Not where serious thought is today, though entertaining to the dreamier, lazier set for ages: Descartes. Worthwhile, I'd say: Brain and Psyche (1985) by J. Winson The Dreaming Brain (1988) by J. A. Hobson Dreaming (2015) by J. M. Windt When Animals Dream (2022) by D. M. Pēna-Gutzmán
  26. Does the first person experience of awareness change or fizzle when dreaming? The world you are aware of or experiencing while dreaming is generated by the mind and is different from the world you are aware of when you are awake, but 'your awareness' is the same in both and ' you' experience both in the first person, no ?
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