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Darrell Cody

Who else loves Doctor Who?

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I am kicking off an official Doctor Who fan thread here. Who else loves it? Ever since it was brought back, I have been a huge fan, particularly of David Tennant's intelligent, life affirming, heroic portrayal of The Doctor. Christopher Eccleston was good too.

Favorite Companion: Rose Tyler. Billie Piper is SO GOOD.

Now, we all know that Russell T. Davies etc likes to stick in some one liner now and then in the show approving Karl Marx, but that is not what this thread is about. So please do not comment on that, or any related issues, that are minor ones in the overall context of the show, which is Hero worshipping, life affirming, pro action, and life positive.

So - who's a fan? :) Alons-y! Molto Bene!

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