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Italian officials convicted for not being omniscient

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I know the media is running with the "scientists convicted..." angle, but these people were government officials (with science training, some accomplished scientists), and it is in that capacity that they were expected to perform the miracle of making everybody perfectly safe and shielded from reality, not as just regular scientists.

No scientist who wasn't also working for the government was charged or convicted. So it's more of a case of the savages eating their own witch doctors, not an attack on science as a whole.

Sorry, I can't really think of a question, just wanted to make this point, open it up to any counter-arguments anyone might have.

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I think they are trying to hold on to the irrational idea that the government can be this all powerful protector. If the government didn't protect someone, it was the incompetence of a few individuals that was the problem, that a systemic one. The conviction is based on an attempt to scapegoat the failures of a system on a few men.

So I guess Italy sucks.

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A pretty good perspective on the actual merits of the case can be found here. Trial It's not all that the main stream media make it out to be.

No, that part of the coverage is perfectly correct. Earthquakes cannot be predicted, that is a scientific fact. The seven officials were 100% correct in dismissing Gioacchino Giuliani's prediction. Giuliani did not offer proof of an imminent earthquake, he made an arbitrary claim and got lucky.

This ruling betrays an astounding lack of understanding of the scientific method by everyone behind it. So does the article you linked to. The only error in the coverage is that the irrational savages are targeting their own government officials, not science as a whole.

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