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Mysticism, (Huh), What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing (But Relativ

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The following two works by Robert N. Bellah look as if they could significantly inform an answer to Michele’s lead question and as likely to be good reading companion to Ayn Rand’s essay “For the New Intellectual.”


Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age

(Harvard 2013)


The Axial Age and Its Consequences

(Harvard 2012)



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Do these kind of books ever get published as audio books? I rarely want to read a book as much as I want to read these two, but I just don't have the "standing still" time for it anytime soon. My only shot would be to listen to them.

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Hi Nicky,


I think it is very unlikely these books will ever be published as audio books. If you can afford them and can find some shelf space, I would urge you to buy them and let them sit on the shelf. Years hence, you never know how your situation may change and afford time to assimilate this research.


I noticed today you had asked me a question on another thread a couple of weeks ago. Delighted to reply, hopefully tomorrow.



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