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Unrequited Waves

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I finished writing my eighth book and published it over the weekend. "Unrequited Waves". It's a play. The cover image went through successfully, without any trouble. I designed it. There are also seven musical compositions hyperlinked to in the text, so that readers are able to listen to what the characters are listening to, if they'd like to. Links all work. The free sample is decent, it cuts off nicely and cleanly.

Amazon description: Will this be an eventful summer for her, or just another uneventful one? Will a change in a worker's routine, change anything else in his life?

I just began my second year as a published writer and I'm in my eleventh year as a housekeeper (working in a medical office building that looks just like the one on the cover) and I've seen a girl walking outside occasionally while I'm working, and I saw a play in it.

Here it is: Unrequited Waves


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