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Reblogged:Let's Legalize Medical Insurance

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Writing at RealClear Politics, Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation considers what would happen under "Medicare for All" to the medical coverage plans about half of Americans are used to. Moore also translates the wording of one version for the interested reader, and comes up with the following:
Republicans have been complaining that "Medicare-for-All" will jeopardize Medicare for seniors. Yes, but that isn't the bill's biggest political poison pill. Republicans should be shouting from the mountaintops: Nearly half of Americans will lose their health care under Sanders' wild adventure. If voters knew this fact, it would surely cause a pitchforked revolt of the middle class. Polls show that more than 70 percent of Americans with private health plans like what they have.
Let's set aside for a moment the question of whether Medicare for anyone is actually a good thing.

It is too bad I can't applaud Moore's warning about so many Americans losing their "insurance" plans, as we so sloppily call them. Things are actually much worse than that, as an old editorial, titled, "Almost All Americans Lack Health Insurance", by physician Beth Haynes tells us:
Image via Pixabay.
Everyone wants benefits to outweigh costs, and a line has to be drawn somewhere for what is worth paying for -- but government mandates, as well as regulatory and legal requirements, are making it so health "insurance" provides less and less insurance. Structuring coverage to pay for predictable, low-cost medical expenses has turned the idea of covering risk on its head -- and is crowding out our ability to purchase the protection real insurance would provide against catastrophic medical events.
I recommend reading the whole thing.

It's not a "pitchforked revolt" against yet another click of the ratchet towards socialized medicine we need: It's a widespread revolution in favor of re-legalizing medical insurance.

-- CAV

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