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Reblogged:Let's Raise a Glass to Monsanto!

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Michael Fumento offers a welcome dose of sanity to the latest scare-mongering about glyphosate, the active ingredient in the widely-used weed killer, Roundup. Among other things is the following, which also occurred to me when I heard similar foolishness about the chemical popping up in breakfast cereals last year:

Image by Pexels, via Pixabay, license.
Don't be surprised if you see more ominous headlines about glyphosate turning up in more foods. It's the world's most widely used weed killer -- the most widely used pesticide of any kind, in fact -- and it's been around for over four decades.

So it's bound to appear in trace amounts in virtually any grain product. It's even been found in "organic foods," either because of contamination from sprayed fields or because organic farmers are secretly using it. It's so widely used because it works so well and so cost-effectively. Without it, that bowl of Cheerios you ate this morning or the Bud you'll drink tonight might be might be prohibitively expensive. [bold added]
But just in case anyone might still wonder why we aren't all fighting cancer by now, Fumento reviews the extensive testing this chemical has already undergone -- which has also indicated that it is unlikely to be a carcinogen. He also brings up a point the scare-mongers keep cynically using: You often can't disprove a negative.

Thank you Mr. Fumento, for putting your knowledge and incredible patience to work to tamp down yet another chemical panic. I'll raise a glass to you and to Monsanto this evening, not only because it is safe to do so, but because it's the right thing to do.

-- CAV

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