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  1. Reading Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

  2. Reading Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

  3. Hello All, Penn & Teller on their show @#*&! defend their use of using profanity. You can see it on youtube by typing Penn & Teller Profanity. I do not put the clip here because I do not want to offend someone. I think their argument is objective but it could very well be subjective since they do seem to be rational skeptics. On this form I would *never* use profanity becuase it would make me look stupid. And yes *I do know* it is against forum rules. In the past I have never really used it much in conversation but I do sometimes for effect. What are your thoughts? Is using profanity for effect an objective value. Are Penn & Teller right? Would be interesting to see what you have to say. Regards, Superman
  4. Somethin’ I often get is someone telling me that weight trainers are narcissistic ‘cause they want a good physique. But what he/she ultimately wants to say is that they do not have a good self-esteem. I must admit I get this mostly from very religious people. What I don’t understand is their logic, according to them you will allow yourself to get fat if you have a good self-esteem ‘cause you don’t care how you look, ‘cause you don’t care what other people think. I really think this is BS. What I want to ask is how one counters such logic. Usually when I try and explain this, they think even more that they are right. What motivated me to post this is a film I saw last night Chuecatown (Boystown). This film is a farce/murder mystery with a Bear couple as the heroes. But for me this is a comic version of American Psycho, just another film that hate on people that are successful and like looking after themselves.
  5. andregreen123: RT @religulous: "Protect Your Environment & Help Save Trees. Please Recycle Your Unread Bibles Today!" ~ @religulous http://bit.ly/qxXkbB

  6. andregreen123: RT @DeadHostess: Anti-Gay Hate Group American Family Association Now Relying On Fox News Talking Points: http://t.co/fbUFJLz #Cults #Rel ... http://bit.ly/oky4Cu

  7. andregreen123: Love is evil spell it backwards evol http://bit.ly/rjKSEI

  8. andregreen123: RT @CrispySea: When the religioners wish for your eyes to be opened to the truth, they mean "hopefully the brainwashing will work this t ... http://bit.ly/oipoGp

  9. andregreen123: @keithZworld Well ur a nicer than I. So very polite. I should learn from that. H) http://bit.ly/opJdV6

  10. andregreen123: RT @AtheistQ: "Never trust people who've only got one book."-Billy Connolly http://bit.ly/mR6z0h

  11. Read Heavy Duty by Mike Mentzer if you want to know how to do Bodybuilding

  12. andregreen123: RT @AndyJ0n: @bellez8 lol - i think legalise drugs - war on drugs failed, treat addiction as health issue, less prisoners,less black mar ... http://bit.ly/nYQy6m

  13. andregreen123: @TLAReleasing Thx for following me, it is really big compliment for me. http://bit.ly/qyMhnj

  14. andregreen123: Day 24 of drinking black only coffee. http://bit.ly/pc9t75

  15. Yes, the *relentless* pursuit of individual rights and reason is the only way to go. Anything else would be becoming just like them.
  16. andregreen123: RT @Martinberkhan: Why I never eat breakfast cereal http://t.co/IhJqUKd Yes, nothing triggers appetite and cravings like cereal @YoniFre ... http://bit.ly/ogy0HR

  17. I saw this posted on facebook's Out Campaign. It may be old news to some of you. In the past Ahtiests have sometimes disagreed that we should promote people outing themselves as Atheists. This video is a bit emotion driven but I agree that more and more we do need to take a stand against religion. What do you think of this as objectivists? I don’t think religious people believe much in individual rights. How do you even stop religion from spreading? Seriously, please can someone tell me how do we stop religion from spreading and stink up the world? Truth is that this makes me mad. How can someone actually think of making a register for Atheists? Regards, Superman
  18. andregreen123: @OrangePrideSafa. LOL #tooexcited ;) Its al in good fun. http://bit.ly/rhhfbA

  19. andregreen123: @INFRASOLPTYLTD oh dear, good for u ;) LOL http://bit.ly/pUeWeb

  20. andregreen123: @Coffeol thx for the RT ;)http://bit.ly/q7XBCI

  21. Updated my profile pic on OO.

  22. Updated my profile pic on OO.

  23. andregreen123: RT @Lord_G_Almighty: Jesus may have walked on water, but Stephen Hawking runs on batteries. #heretohelp http://bit.ly/ri5lfS

  24. andregreen123: @TLAReleasing U make awesome films! But did not like Bearcity. I am not a Bear the message saying " Being fat is OK" makes my stomach turn. http://bit.ly/pZrlGB

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