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  1. I tried to search for this topic, but either I am not familiar with the search function or it just wasn't able to come up with one. I'm curious about what the objectivist position is on anarcho-capitalism of the Rothbardian type. I consider myself an objectivist, but I am also in the process right now of reading more and trying to fully understand the position of anarcho-capitalism. On the face of it, I do think their contention that if you are truly an advocate of individualism and individual liberty (even on the foundation of Rand's argument that existence is better than non-existence (as an a priori truth) and that rational self interest is an objective value upon which all over values exist), then in order to be truly consistent you would have to oppose the idea of the state in toto, because the very definition of "state" is a social apparatus that exercises control over the individual and therefore denies a free, voluntary co-existence with other people. I am aware somewhat about Rothbard being part of the "inner circle" to some degree or another until a falling out with Rand later on over issues they couldn't resolve. But I don't know much more than that. Thoughts?
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