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  1. Joining the military, especially the American military is highly immoral.

    The soldiers fight and murder for the material interests of American plutocrats. There is nothing brave or honourable about it.

    Just kids who are either too poor to see another shot at a good standard of living or too naive to see beyond the jingoistic propaganda.

  2. In Canada you can also face issues if you call a Jewish student a "kike" in class.

    All that bill C-16 does is apply the same protections to trans people other Canadians enjoy.

    Also, Jordan Peterson is a Jungian psychoanalyst, I believe by Rand's standards that makes him a Mystic and not terribly worthy of support.

  3. The thing about the Redpill is it refutes itself.

    It is very similar to White Power or Islamism in that it allows men with broken lives to blame The Other for their life's problems, in this case women, while at the same time telling men they are truly the Master Race, Satanic Westerners, or in this case, the Alphas whom created Civilization and Hunted the Mammoth.

    But when you look at the people who spread the ideology it is very, very clear that beneath the facade of faux intellectual language like "hypergamy", "frame", socio-sexual hierarchy" are very deep feelings of resentment, anger and profound personal inadequacy.

    To quote Natalie Wynn, "rationality is a great aesthetic, if you are a man." Redpillers, Mens Rights Activists, Men Going their Own Way and other such folks try their best to look the part of rationality. To organize conferences with men dressed in business attire, talking calmly and using their talking points. But peer beneath the surface and the sheer brokeness of their hearts becomes instantly apparent.

    Below is a really good example of this. a youtuber named The33Secrets who is middle aged, trusts no women who sees through his controlling and abusive nonsense, and dates only women who are 20 years younger than himself.

    "Why you should NEVER say 'I Love You.' "

    Is this what a happy and emotionally healthy man looks like?

    Of course not. It is not a coincidence I think that so many Red Pill "Dating Gurus" such as RooshV slowly turned into Alt Right bloggers. The basic instinct, to hate the world rather than fixing your faults, is the same in both cases.

    I also find it funny that despite their need to see themselves as the Creators of Culture, men in the Red Pill movement named their community after a blunt reference to feminizing hormone replacement therapy from the Matrix, a trans rights allegory, something as far removed from their worship of toxic masculinity as one can get.

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