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  1. In a rather vaguely written article, the BBC takes an underhanded swipe at America, and whitewashes Iran. Apparently some twenty Americans are playing basketball in Iran. Most black, I presume. The writer notes that these American stars are cheered regardless of their ties to The Great Satan. From the pictures in the article, I presume most Iranian basketball fans are young men. Not mentioned in the article is what the West has known for a long time: Iranian youths are pro-West and actually quite antagonistic toward their theocratic government. Mentioning this, however, would undercut the main point of the article, which is: Iran ain't so bad after all, "[it] has always said it has a problem with the American government, not with its people, and this is an example of that." But can one have a problem with the government of a free nation and not with the people... http://ObjectivismOnline.com/blog/archives/000474.html
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